FOMO Bones CBD Canine Treats Evaluation


Did you know that CBD is also available in dog food? Today we have a wonderful reward for dogs that contains 5 mg of CBD per treatment! This is ideal for anxious puppies or overly excited dogs who just can't calm down. If you're looking for a natural way to soothe your favorite four-legged friend, FOMO Bones may be just the thing for you!

FOMO stands for "Fear Of Missing Out", which your dog may be afraid of. The company website recommends these treats for scary thunder, any kind of road trips, loud vacuum cleaners, your postman in the neighborhood, regular vet visits, stressful air travel, loud fireworks, busy dog ​​parks, annoying squirrels and nervous licking.

Experience & effects

These treats were very easy to use because they literally open a bag and shake out a treat. I gave these treats to 3 different dogs: a purebred English bulldog, a mix of black labrador and dachshund, and a mix of american bulldog and pit bull. Every dog ​​absolutely loved the reward and did tricks and begged for one of these treats. I can't talk about the taste, but the smell of them was similar to beef jerky and dog food.

The effects of these goodies were surprisingly noticeable. The dogs seemed calmer as soon as they got the goodies, slept or watched quietly while barking or pacing up and down. I would definitely recommend these treats to any dog ​​owner who wants to calm their dog down.


FOMO Bones treats are FDA approved, GMO and pesticide free and GMP certified. The use of natural ingredients in the treats really creates trust for pet owners who are looking for a high quality treat. If you are not sure how many goodies to give your dog, you can find a table on the back of the box that shows how many goodies you should give your pet based on its weight.

They have carried out third-party laboratory tests on their products. The results of these laboratory tests can be found at the bottom of the website. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Lab Results tab. You will be taken to a page with simply formulated laboratory results created by an actual veterinary service.

If I had to split hair and make recommendations about this product, it would be the packaging. The packaging is simple and simple, says "FOMO Bones", but the goodies are not really bones. The treats are bone-shaped, but soft and spongy, so the term "bone" may be misleading. The coloring is also a bit boring, with a mustard yellow and a simple white. The fonts are playful and easy to read, but I think more colors could be used to really highlight the packaging.

Price versus value

You have two pricing options on the website. If you buy the goodies as a one-time purchase, it costs $ 39. If you opt for a monthly subscription, you'll pay $ 29 instead. I think this is a bit overpriced as most pet owners usually charge $ 20 for a bag of goodies for their pets. Each bag has 20 bone-shaped treats, which means that each treat costs about $ 2 each. Considering that these treats are about half the size of your thumb, it's an expensive little treat.

Company information

The company is located in downtown San Diego, California and is a subsidiary of Sunday scary. I love supporting US companies, so this was great information to discover. The company also has 28 ratings on its website, which leads to an impeccable 5-star rating. Although there are no reviews on their Facebook page, the website reviews show that their customers are very happy with the CBD dog delights.

Overall, the company appears to have a good reputation and is trustworthy. The layout of the website and their Facebook is professional, which means that they spent time designing something instead of just randomly hitting fonts and paragraphs. The fact that they also did laboratory tests means that they want their customers to know exactly what they are feeding their beloved pets.

The company has a great backstory about how CBD helped them as humans and they wanted to spread love for their dogs. You can read this story Here. The fact that these guys took the time to create a treat to calm dogs down says a lot about the founders. If you look at the list of ingredients, there's bacon flavor and natural beef protein, something dogs absolutely love.


In summary, this is one of the best CBD products I've seen for dogs. Many companies only focus on topical creams or pills that can be mixed with Pet Kibble. However, this is a gentle treatment for dogs that is very well received. I love the recommended amount of goodies on the back and the fact that this is high quality dog ​​food. If you want to try a product to calm your anxious pet, especially if your dog is slightly excited or hyperactive. If you buy this for your pet, let us know in the comments below how your dog likes this product! Do you have a funny story or cool experience with how this product helped your pet? Share your experience with us so we can continue to help dog owners nationwide! May you and your furry friend enjoy the abundance of benefits that CBD has for many years to come!

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Beth Edmonds