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Forbidden Fruit Strain

Nov 1

The apple in the Garden of Eden had nothing on this strain. Forbidden Fruit is an indica-dominant hybrid that is extremely rare but worth trying if you ever do find it. Packed with fruity flavor and THC (23-26%), Forbidden Fruit is a temptation few can say no to. After using, you’ll drift to sleep on a bed of smooth smoke. While difficult to find in dispensaries, Forbidden Fruit can be grown by anyone with intermediate or above cultivation skills, indoors or outdoors.

Forbidden Fruit is best for nighttime use when you’re unwinding and getting ready to sleep. Users have described the high as a “tranquilizer”-Esque, given how the body completely relaxes and powers down after starting to smoke. The initial head high is euphoric and uplifting enough to keep you awake just long enough to empty your ashtray, but I don’t think you’ll be able to stay up for a whole movie. You probably won’t even notice you fell asleep until you wake up the next morning.

Fruity and smooth, Forbiden Fruit weed is notable for having a mellow smoke that causes very little coughing, if any. The high is fast-acting, and you’ll begin to feel the effects before you even finish your joint or bowl, and you’re going to want to lay down once you’re done. The flavor and aroma are intensely fruity (like, we mean every kind of fruit is in there with a slight biscuit aftertaste.

Cherry Pie and Tangie are the parent strains of Forbidden Fruit. Together they combine to give Forbidden Fruit its cornucopia of fresh flavors, from berries to tropical citrus to biscuit dough. Through the indica- dominant hybrid Cherry Pie, Forbidden Fruit also inherited the quick onset of its high. Tangie, a sativa, contributed the uplifting cerebral high that keeps the user feeling somewhat lucid against Forbidden Fruit’s intense body high.