four Finest Medical Marijuana Pharmacies in Missouri


Medical marijuana became legal in Missouri in 2018. The first MMJ dispensaries opened and began selling medical marijuana to Missouri MMJ card holders in October 2020. This makes Missouri one of the newest legal medical marijuana states.

Missouri’s medical marijuana program is still in the making. Not all licensed pharmacies are yet open for business. MMJ products are still somewhat rare, with limited menus and relatively high prices due to the lack of available products and high demand.

But the cavalry is coming! Growers in Missouri are working hard, and fresh MMJ plants will hit the market in late 2020. This way, Missouri pharmacies can stock up on flowers and many other types of MMJ products.

Missouri already has over 60,000 registered MMJ patients – and thanks to its flexible and fair MMJ laws, the number of people benefiting from MMJ treatment in Show-Me state is sure to increase in the years to come.

Image by vicariousalex from Pixabay: St. Louis has several brand new MMJ dispensaries.

Where to Buy MMJ In Missouri

You can buy medical marijuana at Missouri’s newly opened MMJ dispensaries. All you need to buy medical cannabis is a Missouri medical marijuana card.

Are Missouri Dispensaries Open?

Some Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries are now open, although many companies that have been granted an MMJ license in Missouri have not yet opened. A large majority of Missouri pharmacies are expected to be open for business by early 2021.

How many MMJ pharmacies are there in Missouri?

Nearly 200 medical marijuana dispensaries are expected to open in Missouri by early 2021.

Missouri Dispensary Locations

MMJ pharmacies are designated for locations throughout the state of Missouri. Most relatively large urban areas will have at least one medical cannabis dispensary. Most of the MMJ dispensaries in Missouri are located in the major population centers of St. Louis, the Missouri side of Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia.

Pharmacies in Kansas City, Missouri

In Kansas City, Missouri, there are several MMJ dispensaries in and around the city. Many Kansas City pharmacies are already open for business, with the rest expected to open before the end of 2020.

MMJRecs - Kansas CityImage by jotoya from Pixabay: Multiple pharmacies opened in Kansas City, Missouri.

Pharmacies in Springfield, MO

Springfield is Missouri’s third largest population center. Several medical marijuana dispensaries have obtained licenses to operate in the city. Most are expected to be open by the end of 2020.

Do Missouri Pharmacies Sell Flowers?

Yes, MMJ pharmacies in Missouri sell a range of high quality cannabis flowers, including sativa, indica and hybrid strains.

What are Missouri MMJ Dispensaries selling?

Many Missouri pharmacies will only sell MMJ Flower as of November 2020. However, the product range is expected to expand significantly by the end of 2020. Soon, most Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries will be selling:

Marijuana FlowerEdiblesTopical Creams, Gels, Rubs, BalmsTincturesVape CartridgesPre-Rolls

How Much Can You Buy at a Missouri Pharmacy?

You can purchase up to four ounces of Missouri MMJ per 30 days. Most pharmacies determine how much a customer can buy at a time as there is currently only a limited range of MMJ products available.

House cultivation is also allowed. You can cultivate up to six flowering plants at the same time.

Best Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Missouri

Let’s take a look at some of the pharmacy options available in MO.

1. Fresh green

Fresh Green has pharmacies in two Kansas City locations: Lee’s Summit and Waldo. They sell a nice selection of THC and CBD flowers, as well as a variety of oils, tinctures, foods, and capsules.

2. N’Bliss cannabis

N’Bliss has pharmacies in Ellisville, just outside of St. Louis, Festus, Manchester and House Springs. As of November 2020, only the Ellisville office will be open, but the other offices will open by the end of the year. N’Bliss sells a wide variety of flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures, themes and MMJ merch.

3. Green relief

Green Relief has pharmacies in Troy, Mexico, Colombia and Moberly. As of November 2020, only the pharmacies in Moberly and Mexico will be open. The other two will be open until the end of 2020. Green Relief sells flowers, groceries, vaporizers, current products, CBD oils, and accessories.

4th Swade cannabis

Swade has pharmacies in St. Peters, The Grove, Delmar, Cherokee, and Ellisville. Only the branch in St. Peters will be open from November 2020. The rest of the branches will open in winter 2020. Swade carries a wide range of high quality medical cannabis products.

What are the requirements for a Missouri MMJ card?

The requirements for a Missouri MMJ card are:

Alzheimer’s DiseaseAutismCancerCrohn’s DiseaseChronic Pain / NeuropathyEpilepsyGlaucomaHepatitis CHIV / AIDSHuntington’s DiseaseIBSIIntractable MigrainesLou Gehrig’s DiseaseMultiple SclerosisOpioid SubstitutionParkinson’s DiseasePTSD or other debilitating psychiatric disorders

Can Out of State Card Holders Buy Medical Marijuana In Missouri?

No, medical marijuana card holders from other states are not allowed to purchase MMJ from Missouri pharmacies.

How can I get a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card?

The quickest, easiest way to get a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card is to register for the MMJRecs Online Clinic. At the MMJRecs clinic, you will be consulted by an MMJ doctor who will review your health and issue a Missouri MMJ certificate for you. The certificate will be emailed to you for inclusion in your online application for medical marijuana patients in Missouri.

Featured image by Daniel Bosse on Unsplash


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