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November 27, 2020

Gift giving feels good, but getting gifts can be stressful. And with the dumpster fire in 2020, the last thing each of us needs is another source of fear. Fortunately, like busy little elves, Zig-Zag has worked behind the scenes at Santa’s workshop to curate Christmas gift packages filled with some of the most sought-after smoking accessories. They did the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

There are two huge packages to choose from, booklets and cones, and each has a different price so you can work within your budget. The best thing about these packages is that they are each wrapped in an oversized, limited edition booklet that holds an array of papers and accessories.

Here’s What’s Inside Each:

Large zigzag box bundles: cones

Zigzag Holiday Bundle Cones(Courtesy of Zig-Zag)

Each cone bundle contains 31 pieces, including some of the brand’s most popular roll papers, such as: B. two packs of slow-burning organic hemp 1/1 paper and two packs of unbleached 1/4 paper as well as two packs of the OG White B & W papers and two orange papers, both of which have a thin line of glue, to attach your roll Hold in place. It also comes with a whopping 75 tenons, including five boxes of each of the following; Six pack unbleached paper cones 1 1/4, six pack traditional cones 1 1/4 and three pack king size.

In addition to the various papers and cones, Zig-Zag includes some of its most useful accessories, such as the 78mm and 70mm rolling machines, a thick pewter bowl with a glossy finish and high lip, a pocket tin for storing your product and, arguably, the best Christmas decoration you’ll see all year round: a 4.5-inch inflatable zigzag cone.

Zigzag Holiday Bundle Cones(Courtesy of Zig-Zag)

There’s also a branded swag, like a white papa hat, orange beanie, and black drawstring bag that makes you feel like Saint Nick carrying a sack of precious toys.

If you were to buy all of these things individually, you would be spending more than $ 120. This limited-edition cone bundle is only $ 79.99 for the holiday season.

Big Zig-Zag Booklet Bundles: Papers

Zig zag holiday bundles papers(Courtesy of Zig-Zag)

If you’re looking for something a little more budget conscious, consider the zig-zag booklet package. With over $ 80 worth of product for just $ 49.99, this is the ultimate way to give without breaking the bank.

Each booklet package contains 29 items, including papers (two 1/4 papers made from organic hemp, two unbleached 1 1/4 papers and two of the gummed papers in white and orange) as well as five pressure-resistant boxes with all three cone products (unbleached Cones, traditional tenons and king-size tenons).

Zig zag vacation packages(Courtesy of Zig-Zag)

Like the Cones Bundle, the Booklet Bundle also includes some of the brand’s most popular accessories, such as: B. the 70 mm rolling machine and the 78 mm rolling machine, a rolling tray and a pocket shape. It also comes with the piece of resistor: a 4.5 ‘zig-zag inflatable cone that carefully hangs next to your stocking.

If you also buy one for yourself we will not judge.

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