GW Pharma Makes UK Biggest Medical Cannabis Exporter


When it comes to the topic of legal cannabis, there are a lot of firsts and a lot of records. What country was first to legalize medicinally, what country was first to legalize recreationally, and which country exported the most cannabis oils or produced the most flowers. Apparently, the UK holds one of these records, as the biggest exporter of legal medical cannabis.

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UK and cannabis law

The UK isn’t exactly the most forward-thinking country when it comes to cannabis legalization. In fact, of Westernized countries, it’s one of the furthest behind when it comes to loosening restrictions. Cannabis has been illegal in the UK since the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act which made cannabis into 100% contraband. Cannabis is a class B drug, along with barbiturates and amphetamines. Use and possession crimes can incur up to five years in prison, an unlimited fine, or both.

If caught with smaller amounts, law enforcement are more likely to give a ₤90 on-the-spot fine, or if the offender is lucky, just a warning. Kids under the age of 18 don’t get out of having their parents informed. To make it perfectly clear, the UK has absolutely no decriminalization measures for small amounts of cannabis. When it comes to criminal punishments, they can vary based on several factors, like:

How much cannabis the person hadWhere the person and drugs were found, and what this could imply about the crimeThe history of the person in question, including prior arrestsAny other extenuating factors that are relevant to the case

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