HempVAP CBD Oil Vaporizer Pen evaluation


SURNAME: HempVAP Brain Dart Vaporizer Pen

WEBSITE: http://hempvap.com


OVERVIEW: If you are looking for a legal way to take CBD oil (cannabidiol) for medical reasons, the HempVAP Brain Dart is the right choice for you! The Brain Dart is a slim and easy-to-use vaporizer pen that gives you a tasty and legal vapor for your ailments. When you receive the starter kit, you will receive a HempVAP Brain Dart (the battery), a USB charger and two single-gram atomizers (filled with strawberry, honeydew or papaya flavored CBD oil).

What is CBD? CBD is a cannabinoid found in both marijuana and hemp. But marijuana has been bred over the years to increase the percentage of another cannabinoid called THC, which mainly gives the high feeling and has only recently been looked for the medicinal benefits of CBD. Although CBD is not psychoactive and does not make you feel high, it helps with chronic pain, PTSD, epilepsy, cancer, schizophrenia, alcohol-related brain damage, anxiety, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and infections.

How is the HempVAP legal? The oil in your one shot atomizer is extracted from hemp plants that are naturally low in THC and are carefully grown to increase their CBD production. And hemp products have been legally shipped to the United States for some time. As long as it is grown elsewhere, we can import the oil as food products.

PERSONAL COMMENTS: I like the slim design of this pen and the fact that it is roughly the same diameter as an actual ink pen and fits well in your hand. It has a smooth, black surface with a rubber button that protrudes from the side of the pen and makes it easier to press. And I like that the light is at the bottom of the pen, rather than under your thumb in the button like the vaporizer pen I have, because you have a clearer view of the light that lets you know when the heating element is switched on.

And it's really easy to use, especially if you've used a different vaporizer pen before. All you do is screw an atomizer filled with your favorite oil flavor onto the battery and turn it on by pressing the button five times. And then just press the button as you breathe in through the mouthpiece to be greeted with fruity vapors that don't smell like a marijuana product when you exhale. And when you're done, pressing the button 5 more turns it off.

Now I love the strawberry taste because it reminds me of those hard candies with the sticky inside, but this hemp oil is also available in honeydew and papaya. The honeydew aroma came in a mere second, but I think I would get tired of the aroma after a while because it reminded me of a honeydew-like lip balm. And the papaya didn't really remind me of anything, but it wasn't as strong in taste, which could be a plus for some people. Just don't expect it to taste like candy … it's more of a mild, fruity but airy aftertaste that hits you when you exhale and is a bit in your throat. It is really smooth.

Effects to be expected … What I felt after a few inhales of the sweet favor was a tingling feeling that went through my body … a kind of slightly relaxing and easy feeling that swept over my body. And my sister, who often orally consumes a CBD-rich tincture, also said that she felt this familiar tingling sensation in her legs. So there's a mild ad that lets you know it is doing its job. Just don't expect to be in bed with the nibbles after use. NO nibbles, NO cotton mouth, NO paranoia and NO red eyes.

ALL IN ALL: I think the HempVAP pen is great for adults in the U.S. who need the medical benefits of CBD but aren't happy with the effects of food and want to avoid mild irritation from smoking. But it's NOT for someone looking for a legal high because you can't get a high from CBD.

I loved everything about this pen and find a few moves here and there when I need to replenish the calm, relaxed, and pain-free feeling that I have grown fond of. I am glad that there are legal and delicious ways for adults to get CBD products all over the US and I highly recommend this cbd vape oil.

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Beth Edmonds