Here is the right way to keep away from going to the emergency room for a marijuana overdose


It seems that every time a state officially opens its legal cannabis market, reports show that the emergency rooms fill up with people unable to handle their weeds, bombarding the internet. This took place across Illinois earlier this year, where the taxable and regulated pot trade was introduced in January. In Chicago, Doctors claimed an increase in emergency room visits due to weed overdoses.

Look, this madness might or might not happen. The purpose of this article is not to discuss whether legal marijuana is causing a riot in freakouts who send people to the hospital on a maddened rush. It is meant to serve as a kind of guide to prevent these horrific events from occurring in the first place. Because it is possible for a weed-eating population to consume marijuana without the need for emergency medical assistance. We know it’s a novel concept. However, we swear that people can use cannabis products safely and responsibly.

Here is how.

The first thing to consider is this: Any report that appears in the media that indicates people are running to the emergency room because the weeds got on them can almost always be traced back to food. We’re not going to lie, these popular pot products sold at pharmacies in states where marijuana is legal can be tricky and the source of great misery if not consumed properly.

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We have seen these things turn into weeping lumps of drooling and regret grown men who had curled up in the fetal position asking for someone to call 911 or bring them an oxygen tank. If you’ve never ingested too much THC, there is no way to understand the intense anxiety that comes with it. It can make breathing extremely difficult and confuse your senses in ways that are just plain scary. But there is no need for a person to walk this path if they don’t have to.

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Avoiding a moment of panic is as easy as understanding the dosage and timing. But that alone can be difficult enough to put newbies in a bad position. Unlike smoking marijuana, which comes with an instant buzz, pot edibles can take a while to kick in. It’s nothing to sit around for an hour and wait to feel the effects.

This is where some people make a tragic mistake. They think, “Man, these foods are not doing anything for me,” so they take another dose and maybe another after that. Then within a few hours they are higher than ever in their life and there are no signs of decline. So if there is one piece of advice we can give to someone trying food for the first time, it is to have some goddamn patience.

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The other shouldn’t be a hero. Seriously, most of the edible products you can buy at your neighborhood pharmacy contain 100 mg of THC. Fair warning, this is not a single dose. Not if you are not an elephant. So much THC can cause a panic you don’t even want to think about. Will it kill you Well, science says it doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t spend several, long hours fully convinced that grim death is looming over you.

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In fact, the fear of dying from a marijuana overdose (hint: an overdose doesn’t necessarily mean someone has to die; it just means they’ve taken too much) is why so many people storm the doors of an emergency room. In our experience, there is a certain learning curve when using food. Beginners should probably see how to handle 5 mg of THC and go from there. Although Budtender usually tell customers they can start with 10 mg, we’ve found that even that amount can be a little much for some people.

Remember, you can always take more if the starting dose isn’t quite enough (give her an hour to do her thing first). But you can’t step back from an overdose once it’s on track. There is no Narcan-like reversal for this. You just have to deal with getting super stoned, paranoid, and fearful.

And forget about all of the articles you can find on the internet to calm yourself down after consuming too much THC. Most of these suggestions won’t work on someone who is really torn and convinced that their life is about to end. Hence, it’s probably best not to overdose at all. And the only way to avoid this is to start slowly and slowly.


Beth Edmonds