How one can get up and bake efficiently


“Wake and Bake” is one of those expressions that will never go out of style. While not every cannabis user actively practices it, we all know what it means whether we smoke marijuana or not.

Wake and Bake is a practice that many people believe in. Who doesn’t like token first thing in the morning? Including marijuana in your routine early on can add a shimmer to your day and make the challenges easier to handle. In a way, it’s like coffee, but stronger.

Like most things about cannabis, waking up and baking depends on the user. There’s no science behind it, but cannabis users believe that the plant produces a much stronger buzz in the morning, perhaps because the body isn’t fully awake and your brain can process things more intensely.

While there are people who can bump into anything after smoking weed, be it at work meetings or during an intense exercise, for those who are curious and have not yet practiced it, it is the best way to relax and wake up Bake approaching it on a lazy Saturday or Sunday. Here are some tips on how to wake up and bake successfully.

Plan ahead

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Before hitting an early high, be sure to stock your pantry and refrigerator with whatever snacks you want. Make sure your schedule is clear and prepare a relaxing playlist or choose a movie to watch so that you can focus on relaxing when you wake up.

Pace yourself

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If you’ve never smoked in the morning, walk up and down. While there isn’t much of a difference compared to smoking at night, if you smoke too much you can get some sleep all day, which may not be part of your plans. Still not such a bad way to get a day off.

Have a good breakfast

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One of the great things about smoking marijuana is food. So order something you love or prepare a filling breakfast for yourself. Try to eat soon after the first hit so that you keep your body energized and your mood improved.

Drink enough

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Dry eyes and dry mouth aren’t particularly comfortable, especially if you experience them in the morning. Remember to drink water all day before and after the session. Not only is drinking water a good habit, it also keeps your body hydrated regularly and makes you feel less lightheaded once the THC leaves your body.


Beth Edmonds