How to Make THC Food: Your Guide to DIY Groceries


To calculate the THC levels in food, let’s assume that the cannabis flower used contains 10% THC to simplify the method. If you know the percentage of THC in your strain or are using our THC percentage table, you can adjust the following formula accordingly:

1 gram of cannabis = 1000 mg × 10% THC = 100 mg 1 gram of cannabis = 100 mg THC

Now find out the total amount per gram that you used in your butter or oil base. Since 3.5 grams is the standard amount of cannabis flowers for oiling, we will use this as an example.

100 mg THC x 3.5 g cannabis = 350 mg THC in 1 cup of butter or oil

To find out your mg amount per dose, simply divide the total amount of butter or oil used in the recipe. So if you used 1 cup of 350 mg butter or oil to make a batch of 15 biscuits, each biscuit will contain approximately 23 mg of THC. If you’ve only used half a cup of butter, first divide 350 by half a cup, which is 175 mg. Then 175 mg divided by the total amount of pieces that the recipe makes.


Beth Edmonds