How To Make THC Oil For Vape Pen – The Definitive Guide


To calculate how much THC is in the oil you made for your vape pen, All you have to do is fill out a simple formula. This is the same as finding out the THC levels in food. First, you need to determine how much THC is in the variety of flower you made the oil from. You can use our handy THC percentage table here. If you buy these from a licensed pharmacy, the amount should be noted on the package.

It’s also important to know how many cups of liquid your THC oil will ultimately have. Once you have these estimates or exact numbers, do the following calculations:

Divide your THC% by 100 Multiply this answer by 1000 Multiply this answer by the number of Gs used in the mixture. Divide this answer by the number of wagons the oil can make to match your THC% per wagon.

As an example, let’s say we used 6g Bruce Banner with 25% THC and you need to fill 25 vape carts.

25% ≤ 100 = 0.25 THC per g × 1000 = 250 mg THC × 6 g = 1,500 MG THC ≤ 25 = 60 MG per steam truck

Once you know the formula, you can use this simple math to figure out the calculation of THC when it is infused into other substances or liquids.


Beth Edmonds