How using Delta-8 THC feels like the first time


Full effect of the Delta-8 THC gummies

I’ve taken weed gums a couple of times in my life (maybe four times?) And I can honestly say the delta-8 high was such an enjoyable experience. I felt the same heady feeling and lethargy from weeds but was still mentally clear and very calm. For me, I feel a lot of pressure in my sinuses when I get high, along with light pressure on the back of my head. I experienced a bit of cotton-mouth, but nothing that was uncomfortable. I noticed that it hurt slightly to move my eyes quickly and that staring at a smartphone screen made my eyes easily lose focus. I was extremely relaxed, very sluggish, and had no real desire to move at all. However, I knew that I had the clarity and ability to stand up when I had to. I forced myself to get up and do my laundry, but I clearly remember feeling very annoyed, being on my feet and moving. I wanted to lie down and relax! I noticed that the job of doing my laundry seemed to hover between forever and the expected time. After I finished my laundry, I went back to bed.

When I lay down again, I could really appreciate the heavy feeling and felt the high build up over the next hour. Time seemed to pass peacefully. I’ve had moments when reality gradually faded into nothing, but the next moment I felt awake and awake. Then the mist slowly drifted down on me like a gentle rain cloud. In a few moments I felt like I was sinking into my bed, but then coming back up effortlessly, almost like being on a water bed. The whole experience was like weeds with no fear or nervousness. I felt more creative and descriptive in my thoughts and noticed that my sense of touch was increased in a very pleasant way. At times I would feel sleepy and yet completely awake, knowing that this was one of the effects of Delta-8.


Beth Edmonds