Important Physique Therapeutics CBD Tincture Evaluation


RESTORE: CBD + Turmeric Tincture

According to the Vital Body website, Restore Tincture was recently released as a natural way to improve your daily health. The 30 ml bottle contains a staggering 1200 mg of broad spectrum CBD and organically grown turmeric. This special tincture is designed to improve your overall wellbeing, balance and vitality with just a few drops per day. The bottle comes with no packaging or plastic seal, which was a bit strange as most tinctures come with one or both of them. The bottle was also painted white, which completely obscured any view of the color of the liquid, the remaining quantity or the consistency. The dropper had a wood grain on the base that looked like it was a painted plastic (not real wood) with a clean white rubber button. A soothing teal label that is almost completely wrapped around the bottle. On the front there is a white lettering with the company, the product name and the CBD value. On the left side of the label were instructions for recommended use and a warning label. One thing that I noticed with interest was the instructions for the suggested use.

The instructions on the label said that a drop should be used under the tongue after a good shake, but didn’t say how long it should be held under the tongue. If you’d rather add the tincture to a drink, the instructions suggest water, tea, or juice. The instructions also state that you can use it throughout the day. It was fascinating to read as most of the instructions only recommend using the tincture under your tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. I’ve used and checked enough tinctures to know that you should let the tincture sit for at least 90 seconds and that between a half and a full dropper is enough for a dose. CBD is very subjective as there is no specific dose. Rather, it is recommended that you experiment with the amounts (in moderation) until you feel that the CBD is helping you. For first-time users, this can be very intimidating. Vital Body solves this problem by listing a full breakdown of proper tincture usage on their website, a first in any tincture instructions I’ve read.

The right side of the label contained the herbal facts as well as the contained ingredients (coconut MCT oil, broad-spectrum hemp extract, organic turmeric and organic stevia). The inclusion of stevia intrigued me as it is a natural sweetener that is very popular with diabetics and low sugar consumers. I wondered if this meant the tincture would be sweeter than a regular, unflavored tincture. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the current tincture now!


I unscrewed the pipette and took my first whiff, expecting a strong hemp odor. Imagine my surprise when I smelled a sweet and minty scent! The scent was almost like a watery candy cane, light and delicate with a hint of sweetness. I did not smell a strong hemp odor, nor were my nostrils burned by the harsh odor of turmeric. I squeezed the graduated dropper and noticed the tincture shot effortlessly to the top of the dropper. The tincture was also quite light yellow in color (it reminded me of lemonade!). I carefully measured out 1 ml (which contains 40 mg of CBD) and released the tincture under my tongue. The tincture stayed under my tongue with minimal difficulty and I was amazed at the gentle cooling sensation under my tongue. I rolled the tincture around a bit and immediately noticed a pure sweetness, definitely due to the stevia. There was a delightful texture of oily smoothness and a slightly minty taste, and I can honestly say I enjoyed this tincture a lot more than I thought it would. There was a delicious burst of sweetness as I swallowed and a slightly oily coating in my throat that lasted a few seconds before fading into a happy memory. I actually helped myself three more full drops because the taste was just so good.

Overall, I rate this product as the best I’ve ever tried. I would have liked clearer directions on the bottle on how to use it, especially for first-time users. I would also have liked a clear bottle so that I can estimate how much is left so that I can reorder accordingly. But the taste was absolutely amazing, so much better than I expected. I appreciated that despite the high dosage of CBD (1200 mg), there was no difficulty in smelling, tasting, or swallowing the tincture. The product packaging could be improved, but the taste is right.


Beth Edmonds