inform if somebody is a stoner


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Stoners are always looking for like-minded people because that's the way it is more fun to share than it is to smoke alone. So if you are looking for someone to smoke herbs with, you know better how to tell if someone is a stoner. As a disclaimer only – you can get some pretty strange reactions when you go to a non-smoker and ask them if they want to share your joint.

There are many reasons why you might want to tell if someone is a slapstick. Perhaps you are suspicious of a colleague and would like to have someone to smoke during lunch breaks. Maybe You want to have more friends to share weeds with with you when you go out! Or maybe you don't really smoke and are just curious and try to find out if your kids, friends or parents smoke weed. In any case, we have put together this list of ways to find out if someone is a slapstick!


Beth Edmonds