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Let's recap: Weeds cannot be given away, pharmacies are not allowed to give away giveaways and you cannot receive marijuana by email. So what's the deal to get the oil samples for free?

Well, as we said before, you have some options like looking for free oil coupons, visiting weed freebies and marijuana stocks, or going to any event near you to get these free oils. However, if none of these options are feasible for you, we have another one for medical marijuana consumers.

For example if you live in Berkeley (California) and you are a medical marijuana patient who has no resources to get your dose Get free grass. If you go to a pharmacy as a low-income resident, you can get high quality medical marijuana for free.

If you don't live in Berkeley but do live in California, you can also request cannabis in California Weed forever Website. This organization works with hospitals, NGOs and health care facilities to provide weeds to those affected.

However, these aren't the only free weed programs where you can get the oil samples for free. You can also visit: the Rainy Day Foundation (Florida), the Oregon Health Authority, the Sanctuary Alternative Treatment Center (New Hampshire), the Cheers to Goodness Foundation or the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program.


Beth Edmonds