Is marijuana authorized in Panama?


When you think of Panama, images of the impressive Panama City skyline probably come to mind, with the Trump Tower on one side. What you may not immediately think is Panama City’s ridiculously cheap weed. reported a gram costing just $ 3.85, enough to make any American jealous. Medical marijuana is not currently legal in Panama, but the country is currently going through a legalization review process.

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Panama weed laws

Details of the weed laws in Panama are rare in both English and Spanish. What we have found is that possession of even a small amount of drugs is a punishable offense at least a year in prison.

The source from which we found out that information doesn’t have a date and doesn’t seem so believable, take it with a grain of salt. However, you can be sure that Panama takes its drug laws very seriously. You are the gateway between South America and North America and you are well aware of the role Panama plays in the drug trade. While cocaine may be in the human trafficking spotlight, the authorities are still very vigilant about cannabis as well.

Panama in search of legal medical marijuana

Panama has been looking for options and avenues for medical legalization for a number of years. In March 2020, in its first debate, Draft Law 153 was passed, which sets out the measures to regulate the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis.

Further details on its progress are not currently available. However, if Panama received legal medical marijuana, it would be the first country in Central America to do so.

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Weed tourism Latin America

If you are looking for weed tourism opportunities in Panama and Panama City, can we recommend reaching out to the neighbors instead? Both Costa Rica and Colombia are known to be more tolerant of marijuana, although it’s still illegal in both countries.

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