Is Marijuana Authorized in West Virginia?


Imagine the following: You are sitting in your pick-up and come home from a long day at work. You drive through the Appalachian Mountains, John Denver serenades you on a loop. Your thoughts are focused on the inevitable R&R that awaits you at home. You crawl up the mountain and turn into your driveway. You step in, sit down and light a 100% legal joint, and the stress of a hard day is washed away.
Then you wake up because legal marijuana in West Virginia is currently just a dream.

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West Virginia marijuana laws

As the intro says, marijuana is not legal in West Virginia. Possession of a large or small amount is considered an offense. Since West Virginia is a state with a mandatory minimum sentence, charges of this type must remain in prison for at least 90 days. In total, possession of an offense can take up to 6 months, with a fine of $ 1,000. This assumes that you are not responsible for the distribution. In any case, you face at least one year in prison and a $ 15,000 fine.

If there's a glimmer of hope, that's the status of the state medical marijuana program. The program was incorporated into the law in 2016. Although it is still a step in the right direction, the MMJ program in West Virginia was slow to build and it is not yet operational. Future patients of the program are not allowed to grow at home.

West Virginian hemp

In 2018, the production of hemp for commercial use was legalized by the Agriculture Act. This year, 155 acres of industrial hemp were produced in West Virginia to support the production of CBD oil due to its high profit per acre. At $ 75,000 a morning, these 155 acres are $ 11.5 million. As a result, farmers have embraced the hemp industry with 158 industrial hemp cultivation licenses issued in 2019, which is expected to only increase.

Public opinion on the legalization of marijuana

Given the plethora of Republican representatives in West Virginia, one might think that citizens share their representative's contempt for marijuana. However, a survey by the University of Mary Washington found this 61% of the state approve the legalization of cannabis for adults. As of 2019, House Democrats are heavily leaning against laws leading to legalization, although Governor Jim Justice said he was "relentless, set in stone, relentless against recreational marijuana".

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Predictions for the future West Virginia

While the odds against West Virginia are stacked at the state level, it's a stretch to say that legalized recreational marijuana is going completely out of hand. From support in the House of Representatives to the growing hemp industry, this is a breeze (in our biased opinion). However, this does not guarantee a positive result. Given the existing legal framework on ownership and the general character of conservative representatives, anything meaningful is unlikely to occur until either:
(a) the views of the existing representative reflect those of the public, or
b) The existing representatives will be replaced by those who recognize the public's position.
Sorry to say the ball is on your pitch, West Virginia.


Beth Edmonds