Is marijuana legal in Barbados?

Barbados is the birthplace of Rihanna and is known for its beaches and fantastic surf. This island country in the West Indies Lesser Antilles has its share of the miraculous plant, but is marijuana legal in Barbados?

Recreational use of cannabis is illegal. but not illegal when used for medical and religious purposes. Despite its recreational status, the demand and consumption of weeds in Barbados continues to increase.

The general acceptance of weed in Barbados is one that tourists may find strange. That’s because offering weeds to strangers or visitors is a way to show hospitality in Barbados.

marijuana is legal in Barbados

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Marijuana laws in Barbados

The Cannabis Industry Act allows medical cannabis to be approved by a doctor for use by barbadians or visitors to the island. It allows businesses and individuals to work with the facility, creating more sources of income for the country. In 2019, the Barbados government signed new laws allowing the local Rastafarian community to consume cannabis as well.

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Weeds are not yet legal, according to BarbadosToday, and anyone who owns 14 grams or less of weeds must pay a fixed $ 200 fine within 30 days. In most cases, if the perpetrator cannot pay the fine, the perpetrator is directed to perform community service. So stay below this amount and you should be fine.

What’s next for weed in Barbados?

After medical and religious cannabis use was legalized in Barbados, a body called the Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority was established to regulate cannabis use. This contains:

Medical Cannabis Regulation; Licensing; Creation of a database for electronic cannabis tracking

It drives research, sales growth, and collaboration with global cannabis professionals and organizations. In the medical industry, cannabis is facing growth due to demand and economic potential. Medical research into cannabis will help better understand its uses and implications for the country.

General mindset of weeds in Barbados

While recreational marijuana use is not legal, the people of Barbados don’t see it that way. Most people, especially the youth, see it as a safe and positive drug because of its relaxing and euphoric effects.

It’s hard not to see someone smoking weed in Barbados. You feel good about it, probably because of its widespread acceptance in the country. If people are asked about their attitude towards weeds, you are likely convinced that cannabis is good for you.

Unlike countries like Nigeria, where cannabis is often consumed in abandoned buildings and bushes, people in Barbados can use weeds in many places. However, some specific places attract most of the people, e.g. B. Clubs and residences.

Weed use at school or at work is a common sight in Barbados. In a tourist’s experience on TripAdvisor, they are often approached and offered weed without asking.

There is little doubt that recreational weeds will soon be legalized as cannabis has become a lifestyle for the people of Barbados.


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