Is weed authorized in Norway?


Norway is a country with many myths and spectacles. Many strange things are happening from above in the world. There is a city where it is illegal to die, midnight suns and endless winter darkness, and black metal bands taking pictures in their natural habitats. Among the green beauty that surrounds the Norwegians and the singing sky above when the Aurora Borealis greets the night sky, there is a part of nature that has recently gained acceptance. This is, of course, marijuana. While recreational herbs are not legal in Norway, the country has made great strides in decriminalization.

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Leisure herb laws Norway

Norway is considered a Scandinavian paradise with an excellent social security system that extends into the drug laws. Her weed laws are halfway between her Scandinavian colleagues. Not as liberal as in Denmark, but also not as strict as in Sweden. Marijuana is somewhat decriminalized in Norway; People who were caught up to 15 grams on their first offense were usually only fined. Repeat offenders face harsher punishments, such as higher fines and even prison terms. However, decriminalization has recently expanded to treat marijuana use as a health issue rather than a matter of justice.

However, there were some less beneficial effects. While drug driving laws are common, you usually only lose your driver's license if you drive under the influence of drugs. In Norway it is not uncommon for your license to be revoked only for possession. Healthcare professionals are also required to report the use of marijuana to the authorities. This has the effect that users lose their license without operating a vehicle under the influence of people.
Norway NORML wrote: "It appears that cannabis users relatively often have the right to be withdrawn outside of suspected drunk driving."

Medical marijuana in Norway

Norway is considered one of the best health systems in the world. So it makes sense that Norwegians can enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana. Until 1965, it was possible to buy marijuana products in pharmacies across the country. This year, the marijuana ban was introduced, and it wasn't until 2018 that patients were able to access medical marijuana again.

Access to medical marijuana is fairly easy in Norway at the moment. Contact a doctor who makes a decision for medical marijuana and access marijuana in government-owned pharmacies. However, there are currently no defined rules for who can access their medical marijuana program. For this reason, depending on the individual circumstances, it could be easier or more difficult for you.

Decriminalize all drug use

Overall, Norway's outlook on marijuana and the related legal reforms is favorable. Given the country's historical indulgence, this comes as no surprise. From 2017 All major parties had added decriminalization and reform to their platforms. The parliament voted later this year to decriminalize all drug use and is expected to come into effect sometime in 2020 or 2021.

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With the support of all major political parties, active support and reform groups and a deeply rooted history of progressive approaches to marijuana reform, there is ultimately no other future for Norway. Stigma remains in some parts of Norwegian law, but it is likely to slow down over time. All you have to do is wait until legal weeds enter Norway. Or at least a fully decriminalized use.


Beth Edmonds