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This increasingly popular method preserves the best parts of cannabis

From classic hash to delicate wax, people have been making cannabis extracts for centuries, but living resin is a relative newcomer. The technique dates back to the early 2010s when a small group of Colorado growers pondered a way to distill cannabis while preserving all of the beneficial botanicals – including terpenes – that can be extremely fragile.

Regardless of the technique, cannabis extracts are after resin. It’s what brings the “sticky” into “sticky,” and this is where all of the good smells, tastes, and buzz in the cannabis plant live. Quality extracts require a delicate balance, however, as the same processes that preserve the good material can destroy the material that makes it even better.

Maybe you’ve looked at cannabis concentrates before, maybe not. But if you’re a fan of sticky, fragrant cannabis buds, you have to try an upgraded living resin.

How living resin is made

living resin

Cannabis extraction involves several steps that can damage fragile terpenes, which sometimes break down even at room temperature. A typical extract has lost its terpenes in various places: first when the flower is dried and hardened, then again when it is extracted at high heat.

To make living resin, extractors must freeze cannabis within an hour of being harvested while preserving even more natural oils, cannabinoids, and terpenes than you can find in most off-the-shelf flowers.

The next step is to take and extract frozen cannabis without losing terpenes, which requires either a special low heat extractor or special technique – no matter how you do it, cannabis needs heat to be effective, be it when baking or lighting a joint. The Colorado extractors, who first invented living resin, used a special low-heat butane extraction process, but there are other, cleaner ways of doing this as well.

For the improved living resin, Curaleaf and Select use two steps: first, the more volatile terpenes are carefully extracted before cannabinoids like THC and CBD are extracted. Then the terpenes and cannabinoids are combined into Select’s Elite Live, which contains all of the elements nature intended.

living resin

Terpenes for days

With the terpenes intact, cannabis extracts retain the full flavor of each strain – but it’s not just about taste or smell. Terpenes are not intended solely for cannabis, but they can add to the effects of cannabis on the mind and body. If you have an all-time favorite, terpenes absolutely contribute to what you love about it.

Curaleafs Select Elite Live Resin comes in many popular strains that are now specially packaged with everything that is great about them.

Gelato is known for its fruity profile – it’s usually filled with stress-relieving limes. It’s also rich in peppery caryophyllene, a terpene believed to reduce inflammation by interacting with your body much like a cannabinoid.lemon TreeThe fresh scent usually comes from plenty of pinene, which promotes a clear high.Cherry AK is often aggravated by the sedation of myrcene – one of the most common terpenes in cannabis – along with caryophyllene and pain reliever pinene.Galactic gas normally achieves its deeply relaxing effects of caryophyllene and pinene.Sunset sorbetgenerally has a similar terpene profile to gelato – but it’s more indica prone to deep relaxation.

living resin

No swab required

Many cannabis users enjoy extracts with a swab – but it’s indiscreet, takes up a lot of space, and can be a little intimidating. The good news is you don’t have to invest in a cannabis device to get all of the benefits of living resin! Many cannabis producers, including Select Elite Live, sell their live resins in a 510-threaded cartridge that fits most standard vaporizer batteries.

It’s simple and very discreet: just insert a cartridge such as Select Elite Live Resin into the battery and you’re good to go. It’s a great antidote to boring, isolated, or flavored oils: pure, strong cannabis that tastes exactly the way it should.

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