Jay-Z’s MONOGRAM is exploding into the luxury pre-roll market


Jay-Z launches high-end cannabis brand

The introduction of Jay-Z’s primary line of cannabis products, MONOGRAMis a top-class game changer on the market for pre-rolled joints and dull fabrics.

The products will hit the market at the end of 2020 and when you go to the website you will immediately be greeted with a hero banner that boldly reads: “Redefine standards, redefine growth. The monogram marks a new chapter in cannabis defined by dignity, care, and constancy. It is a collective effort to bring you the best and a humble pursuit to find out what the best really means. “

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So you can immediately see what impact these guys are trying to have on the market.

MONOGRAM is the first brand to emerge from Jay-Z’s partnership with Caliva, one of the leading cannabis companies in California, with whom he partnered in July 2019 to bring his cannabis line to life. Following Caliva’s recent agreement with The Parent Company, Jay-Z has since taken on the role of chief visionary officer for the newly formed company, which is expected to be the largest publicly traded cannabis company in California.

The launch of MONOGRAM shows a burgeoning enclave in the pre-roll joint, stump and cannagar industries that have given up making the cheapest joint they can. Instead, they are obsessed with value-added processing and premium ingredients so they can charge a premium price.

In addition to its range of flowers, MONOGRAM offers two joint-style products.

The OG handroll is called “the first of its kind” and costs $ 50. It is inspired by the “smoking experience of a premium cigar, but implements a proprietary roller technology that allows the flower to burn slowly and evenly for several sessions.”

They also launched the Loosies Pre-Roll Pack, a multipack containing four 0.4 gram pre-rolls packed in individual tubes. According to the MONOGRAM website, this multipack is intended to “promote the common smoking experience with ease”.

All MONOGRAM products have a very slim, black packaging that looks more like high-end Cologne packaging or another high-end cosmetic product. As I said earlier, it’s not a huge chunk, but there are other cannabis pre-roll companies out there that are taking the same high-end approach to quality ingredients and luxury packaging.

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If you got hooked on high quality pre-rolled cannabis products on the MONOGRAM news, here are some other brands to check out. For everything you need to know to start your own pre-roll brand, check out Custom Cones USA.

Lobo Cannagar

Lobo Cannagar proves you don’t have to be a hip hop mogul to smoke like one. Products include premium hemp flowers, a multipack of seven 1.2-gram pre-rolls known as the Hemp Wolf Pack, as well as some premium cannagars. The Lobo Presidente hemp paper blunt is a beautiful product. Starting from a first-class artisanal flower that is coarsely ground for maximum taste and burn time, the Presidente is rolled by hand in a hemp paper sleeve. Finished with a reusable glass tip that adds an elegant touch to how it looks and smokes. After all, their most eye-catching product has to be the 32-gauge Lobo Cannagar, which is described as sturdy, powerful and elegant. It contains six grams of premium hemp flower from the sun, which makes for a long, thick smoke that you can cut and relight as needed. Platinum versions of the Lobo Cannagar are wrapped in ultra-thin hemp paper and provided with 24 carat gold leaf!

Napalm pre-roll

The Napalm 8 gram grenade pre-roll has a strong, masculine energy in its glass grenade wrapper. I wouldn’t exactly call it luxury, but it is guaranteed to blow your mind. It’s eight grams in total that combine seven grams of premium flower and one gram of living resin crystals wrapped in a roll of living resin infused paper and tipped with a nifty glass tip. What is unforgettable about the napalm grenade is of course the unique glass packaging, but also how wide the lead roll is compared to the glass tip. It is sure to be a fat smoking experience that you will never forget.

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Jean Carlos Migars

Jean Carlos Migars provides everything you need to create a luxurious cigar style smoking experience. You don’t sell the blunts yourself, but rather the clams and presses to make your own cannagar. A natural (and proprietary) method of hardening cannabis leaves prevents mold from growing in the cannabis cigar, and gives the user the exquisite experience of tasting their quality flowers instead of being overwhelmed by the taste of tobacco. The cannabis leaves offer exquisite wraps for the migar clams. These shells are crowned with unique wooden tips that give Jean Carlos Migars an unmistakable, statuesque presence. The Migars are complemented by a cigar band that remains true to its brand and conveys a high-end cigar feel.


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