Kiss the Psychedelic Toads to Treat Mental Illness


Most people have heard the names LSD, magic mushrooms, and ecstasy before. But not everyone has heard of, say Bufo toads. Yet, even without it being a part of popular culture, or a well-known drug, it is a possible premise for a popular long-running fairy-tale. And perhaps it is this fairytale that helps explain why kissing psychedelic toads, can help treat mental illness.

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Fairytales are fun

There are different versions of this story around. The most well-known of which was published in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm, called the Frog Prince. In the story, a princess is playing with a golden ball by a spring. When she misses the ball, it falls into the spring and she cannot retrieve it. She is very sad, stating out loud how she would give up everything to get the ball back. A frog hears her and comes over. He tells her he will get her the ball if she will be his friend, which apparently in this context means living with her, sleeping on her pillow, and eating from her plate.

The princess, of course, agrees, but upon receiving her ball back, she runs off with it, ignoring her promise. The frog follows her home, and the princess runs off to consult her father the king, who tells her to respect her promises in life. So she lets the frog in and allows him to eat off her plate, but when he asks to sleep on her pillow, she refuses. When the frog threatens to tell the king that she is refusing, she picks up the frog and throws him against the wall, thus turning him back into a prince and breaking the witch’s spell he was under.

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