Kristen Bell and the advantages of CBD Oil


It calms your mental to-do list

Celebrities who support CBD Oil are a refreshing and important development in our industry’s mainstream reporting. Veronica Mars and Frozen's Kristen Bell recently appeared on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine to discuss their use of CBD products to combat their anxiety. She became a clear advocate of using our tinctures and ointments to help millions of people fight mental illness and depression.

Not only that, but also their coverage of the subject illuminates many who are afraid to speak about their fight against mental illness, show a way and give hope to people who have never heard of CBD oil and its healing properties.

Women's health magazine:

"It was not easy for actress The Good Place to talk about mental health in the beginning." Then I realized that this is the shame that keeps people from talking about it, "she says in the cover story of the November issue for women's health. "I immediately felt irresponsible because it is important to me that depression is not taboo, but I present this bubbly, sociable girl who seems to come through life with a smile on my face, and I had never talked about this for a few days , I do not do that . "

Since then, Kristen has used every opportunity to shed light on mental health. As the title star for the Women’s Health Mind Issue, Kristen shares the many tools and treatments that help her deal with depression and anxiety.

She says that she takes an SSRI antidepressant every day that helps with what she calls "waves of serotonin imbalance."

Kristen also relies on a CBD oil that she takes in with the dropper. She says daily oil consumption has shut down her mental to-do list, which was previously in a constant loop.

Why is it important?

We want to show the benefits of CBD oil and provide real examples of our products (and products like ours) that have a positive impact on those who are already using them.

CBD Oil has been linked to relief and help with
Heart disease
Pain therapy
Common symptoms for you and your pets

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Beth Edmonds