Large Sky Botanicals overview



The packaging of this special CBD product was elegant and crisp. A white label surrounds a dark colored bottle, but leaves some space to see the remaining capsules. The label also states that the capsules are nano-emulsified and made from organically grown hemp, sourced and manufactured in the United States. The bottle was easy to open thanks to the perforated plastic packaging. When I opened the bottle, I noticed a cotton ball on the capsules that was supposed to keep the capsules fresh. Overall, it was a very well presented product.

The soft gels are soft, but very durable. I squeezed the capsule tightly to see if it would burst. Only after they put a lot of pressure on did they burst, and the liquid inside was clear and quite sticky. This was more of a curiosity than a review request, but it's good to note that you should be careful when handling these capsules.

The product was wonderfully easy to use. All you have to do is unscrew the childproof cap, remove the cotton and shake out a capsule.

I rate the trustworthiness of the company as 6. The reason for such a low rating is that I do not like that the company does not carry out tests by third parties, but tests its own products in its own facility. This may not create trust as the company tests its own products. How does the consumer know that the company is honest? Third-party labs offer unbiased testing, making your lab results more credible. In addition, there are not many reviews on either the company's website or Facebook, which doesn't strengthen the company's confidence as it should. This does not mean that the company does not produce what it preaches. It would only be comforting if the laboratory results were from an unconnected laboratory.

Effects & advantages

One of the most difficult tasks when reviewing CBD is evaluating the effectiveness of the product. Many people believe that CBD doesn't really work or just cares about matter. Other people claim that CBD helped them a lot in dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, and mild joint pain. I take CBD mainly for stress and calming effects. I also don't take it in large quantities because I feel like I only need a small amount a day to keep my stress at bay. I rate this product as 7 because it seems to help me relax and manage my time better. CBD may work differently for you. It will therefore take some trial and error to find the right amount of CBD to help you.

I would recommend this product to a friend because it is so easy to use. You can easily integrate it into your daily multivitamin regiment or take it with your morning coffee. CBD has been reported to help so many people in so many ways. Given the increasing uncertainty and high levels of stress due to the Covid 19 pandemic, CBD could be the new way to address these issues.

Price versus value

The price of these capsules is listed on the company's website for $ 39.95 as a one-time purchase. There are also various other purchase options that range from $ 69.95 to $ 179.95 (based on the number of capsules in a single bottle and the amount of CBD per bottle). I think the price is fairly fair and offers consumers a real bang for their buck, as I saw some capsules for almost $ 70 as a one-time purchase.

Further offers can be obtained by participating in theirs Charter Buyer Club program. This way you get lifetime discounts of up to 20%. This makes Big Sky one of the cheaper CBD products on the market!


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