Leafly Buzz: 12 Fire Cannabis Strains as of March 2021


Prepare These Stimulus Checks For Ruuuuumble!

This month, New Jersey and Virginia became legal on the east coast. And in the west we are popping cannabis seeds and jumping forward like never before.

Whether you’re celebrating the advancement of legalization or sprouting this year’s harvest, you need a fire tree to keep company. This March, connoisseurs are blowing hard against lemonatti, layer cake and oreoz with a high THC content and an explosive taste. and Leafly has the details for you.

Reported regardless of fear and favor, Leafly Buzz highlights the top of the crop west of the Rocky Mountains. Pulling up!

Data grinder


Snack Time: Indoor Oreoz (Photo by The High Redbeard, courtesy of CAM)Snack Time: Indoor Oreoz (Photo by The High Redbeard, courtesy of Sacramento CAM Farms)

That summery beach body has to wait. Strain Oreoz is up 40% this month as Tokers take an interest in these relaxing cookies and cream with a secret weapon. From Michigan’s 3rd Coast Genetics, Oreoz is reportedly dark purple, diamond-studded, and smells of creamy menthol, gum, and gas.

Georgia Pie – a cross between Gelatti and Kush Mints with a hint of peach; up 10% this month.

Declining This Month: Pink Runtz Searches Down 10%. If you mix Zkittlez and Gelato, the hype may subside, but the strain remains palatable to AF.

Here is the full data grinder:

Oreoz ⬆️ + 40%

Georgia Pie ⬆️ + 10%

Pink Runtz ⬇️ -10%

· · Lava cake 13 -13%

Georgia Pie (Courtesy Cookies)Georgia Pie (Courtesy Cookies)

So pretty in pink: Pink Runtz (David Downs / Leafly)So pretty in pink: Pink Runtz (David Downs / Leafly)

New in the Leafly master database

We added 171 new strains to the Leafly master database last month to keep up with growers’ sales, growing growers and store inventory levels. These four fresh additives deliver the flavors and effects connoisseurs crave.

Layer cake

There are layers: Layer Cake (Courtesy of Talking Trees)Add layers: Layer cake (courtesy of Talking Trees)

Breeder Compound Genetics’ cross from wedding cake to (GMO x Skunk) will keep it cake-like in 2021. Expect aromatic layers of sweet cookies with a chemical bite. Then prepare for a snack and take a nap on the Da’Couch.

Orange push pop

Orange Push Pop grown by Minntz (David Downs / Leafly)Push it really good: Orange Push Pop, grown by Minntz (David Downs / Leafly)

Orange, creamy, vanilla-fired goodness awaits you with this cross of Orange Cookies and Triangle Kush from Seed Junky Genetics. Sold by the Minntz brand primarily in California but at Freddy’s Fuego in Seattle, WA and wherever Terp Chaser Seed junky seeds sprout.


Slurricane Season: Slurricrasher is Slurricane X Wedding Crasher.  (Courtesy Floracal)Slurricane Season: Slurricrasher is Slurricane X Wedding Crasher. (Courtesy Floracal)

Do-Si-Dos to Purple Punch gave us Slurricane. Now Slurricane and Wedding Crasher combine to create this exotic hit from California’s Floracal Farms – Slurricrasher. It smells like sweet grape and lemon fuel, with a smooth, lemony gas on the exhale. It goes well with the end of the day and some Mario Kart.

Guava jam

Let's get tropical: Guava Jam is a sunny vacation in a pocket.  (David Downs / Leafly)Let’s get tropical: Guava Jam is a sunny vacation in a pocket. (David Downs / Leafly)

Guava Jam mixes thick, sweet, tropical guava and zkittlez berry flavors – a cross of Guava’z # 62 x Guava’z # 74 by Bloom Seed Co. (aka Harry Palms). Bloom Seed Co. genetics bred for potency and terpenes with rosin in mind, and won two trophies at the Oregon Cannabis Cup in 2021 for strawberry guava and tropicana biscuits, both grown by Deschutes.

Hot day, guava jam is a load of elitist, heady genetics packed into one nug. They are two great pieces by Guava’z that are married together. and Guava’z, in turn, is Pure Guava x OZ Melon. Even further down is Pure Guava Chunky Diesel x Great White Shark. Meanwhile, OZ Melon is OZ Kush x Melon Bread. Bloom Seed Co. writes: “These plants have the rawest guava terps on their face … The taste is straightforward guava funk and empties solvent-free extracts.”

Fresh in stores this March

New on the pharmacy shelves –Lemonatti by Connected Cannabis Co., CA.

Love lemon tree?  Go even more bling with Lemonatti.  (David Downs / Leafly)Love lemon tree? Go even more bling with Lemonatti. Sold by The Green Cross, SF. (David Downs / Leafly)

New to the shelves of Connected Cannabis Co. in California is Biscotti, which has been crossed with jelly lemonatti. It’s just fun to say. We get thick lemon syrup terps on our faces when we crack this glass, like a bag of lemon syrup for a beverage machine that’s broken.

You can identify the lemonade parent of the jelly in this grandchild. As for effects and duration? Electric yet heavy and about as long as Avengers: Endgame.

The charts are skyrocketing – Caramel Apple Gelato by God Gardens, OR

Midnight snacktastic: caramel and apple gelato (courtesy of Gud Gardens)Midnight snacktastic: caramel and apple gelato (courtesy of Gud Gardens)

Attention Oregon buyers: Caramel Apple Gelato is on the shelves ready for midnight snacks. Compound Genetics Apple Cider x Jet Fuel Gelato delivers sweet, buttery, apple, fuel, and cookie smells and tastes. Gud Gardens – a female-owned adult farm on the Rogue River – has stores across Oregon in the strain. while stocks last.


Ballin ‘out –Ooh La La by Lemonnade, WA

Oh, you feel like it, right ?: Ooh La La by Lemonnade and Run the Jewels (David Downs / Leafly)Oh, you feel like it, right ?: Ooh La La by Lemonnade and Run the Jewels (David Downs / Leafly)

If you throw money on celebrity weed, Seth Rogen’s new stuff will sell out in an instant. Meanwhile, supplies for the Ooh La La rap duo Run the Jewels’ Pot with the weed brand Lemonnade have risen. (Yes – with two ns.)

Ooh La La is a wedding cake that has been crossed with London Pound Cake for a sweet lemon, cake and biscuit flavor, as well as a high THC effect. Discovered in Washington at Have a Heart and beyond.

Ballin ‘on a Budget – MAC 2 by Orekron, OR

Return of the MAC: Actor MAC 2. (Courtesy of Orekron)Return of the MAC: Actor MAC 2. (Courtesy of Orekron)

MAC 1 suppresses insomnia with a dense, chocolaty, sweet biscuit flavor and mild effects.

Oregon growers Orekron’s MAC 2 hits you like a truck this month too. Orekron grows in greenhouses all winter, which means MAC 2 for all seasons. Part of a range from Orekron with great prices across Beaver State.

No more high notice: Jeeter XL Pre-Rolls

Hit a few things, Jeeter!  (David Downs / Leafly)Hit a few things, Jeeter! (David Downs / Leafly)

Rolled-up joints have a reputation for being the hot dogs of cannabis: dubious-tasting tubes filled with trashy scraps. Not the 1.75 gram Jeeter XL! This is the MVP for Pre-Rolls.

Jeeter branded joints are freshly rolled with exotic indoor buds straight from a farm in Desert Hot Springs, CA. Jeeters is not affiliated with the Yankee Hall of Famer and moves quickly in Southern California stores like Emjay Delivery and Exhalence Los Angeles, as well as Purple Star in San Francisco.

Unlike most junior varsity joints, Jeeters smell and taste good. The terps are triple sealed behind a connection cap, a glass tube seal and a screw cap.

That means fresh aroma and taste with effects like a hard line that penetrates deep into the field in the center left.

Higher tolerance? Jeeter Infused adds oil and kief.

Jeeter Infused Finna get the whole family set on fire.  (David Downs / Leafly)Cannabis extracts combine with flowers for Moar Powerrr: Jeeter Infused (David Downs / Leafly)

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