Leafly Buzz: 12 Hearth Stems for November 2020


Dozens of millions of electoral Americans in the US are packing bowls, charging volcanoes and setting fire to the swab rig this week. Interest in cannabis has grown thanks to recent election victories in five states and election stress.

So what’s in those smoky bowls?

This month, connoisseurs are showing keen interest in exotic flavors with high THC content such as slurricane and guava biscotti, gaseous motorbreath and tropical papaya.

Independently reported by fear and favor, Leafly Buzz highlights the top of the crop west of the Rocky Mountains. Pulling up!

Data grinder

Leaf Buzz Data Grinder

Engine breathing

SF Cultivators’ bonnet steps on the gas with Chemdog and SFV OG OG. (David Downs / Leafly)

Sativa Hybrid Motorbreath ran engines in November; Consumer interest increased by 14%. Larry OG combines this gas station with Chemdog. Discover the entire family of OGs, Breaths and Chems for biting, powerful rides.

For something a little friendlier, papaya’s soft tropical fruit notes drew new fans when the harvest season hit this month. Search traffic increased by 2.5%. In decline, two classics – Sour Diesel and Cherry Pie – fell in search volume; by 13% and 10%.

Engine breathing % 14%

papaya % 2.5%

Sour diesel % 13%

cherrycake ⬇️ 10%

The density, size, resin, and purples of Cherry Pie OG (David Downs / Leafly)The density, size, resin, and purples of Cherry Pie OG (David Downs / Leafly)

New in the Leafly master database

A place in the Leafly database cannot be bought – only through quality, awareness, search and sales interest and family tree. These three participants provide the terps and THC connoisseurs crave.

Billy Kimber

Californian brand Garrison Lane’s high-end OG is still delivering years after its launch. If you do a premium OG people will buy it and relax seriously.

Lava cake

Cake lover, feast! Colorado breeders Cannarado combined a Thin Mint GSC and a Grape Pie for this hit indica hybrid. It is a descendant of Cherry Pie.


After Runtz crossed Gelato and Zkittlez, another great idea came up: Gelato # 41 and Triangle Kush. Sold by Connected in California and others. Outdoor and greenhouse gushers will be a great buy this harvest season.

Stress highlights of November

leafy hum of new varieties

New on the pharmacy shelves –Chocolate Hashberry from Belushis Farm, OR

Chocolate hashberry on the branch in southern Oregon. (Courtesy Belushi’s Farm)

Actor Jim Belushi raised a Randy Marsh from South Park and became a full pot farmer. The fifth season of Belushi’s Farm is the best yet with chocolate hashberry pre-rolls from a summer crop that hit the shelves of Oregon fresh. Expect relaxing notes of chocolate, spice, and berries – all with Tegridy.

The charts are skyrocketing –Slurricane

The Purple Punch softens the Do-Si-Dos in the Slurricane variety from SF Cultivators. (David Downs / Leafly)

A perfect storm of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch brings the slurricane season to the west coast. This potent, icy, and functional strain is shipped from San Diego to Seattle in flower, pre-roll, and extract. Made largely of indica, this high-THC hybrid smoothes the hatches.


Leaf Buzz Best Seller

Ballin out –Guava biscuits by Connected, CA.

Linked guava biscotti over Bay Area CRAFT delivery (David Downs / Leafly)

Let’s call it a cheating day. Let’s call it self-care. Either way, you’ve earned a brainstorming trip. The trichomes of Guava Biscotti sparkle and dazzle against dense, resinous purple buds. Sweet, tasty, thick tropical fruits and dessert terps waft from the glass. The Connected brand took an award-winning, exotic, high-end biscuit, biscotti, and added some rare guava et voila – a fresh taste that’s worth it. Put your phone on airplane mode and prepare for a high THC start in Terp Town. Population you.

Ballin ‘on a budget –Blue Sherbert 2 from Legends, WA

Under 200 ounces? Legendary. (Courtesy Legends)

See Also: More Great Budget Brands From Washington – TechBud; Bong buddies; Snickel Fritz; Green harbor

High note: Xzibits infused XXL pre-roll ‘Napalm Grenade’

Reeds hum high note

Fire in the hole!  Xzibit's napalm grenade.  (David Downs / Leafly)Fire in the hole! Xzibit’s napalm grenade. (David Downs / Leafly)

As early as June, when rapper Xzibit presented his new napalm brand Grenade – a 7-gram hash infusion with a glass tip and prefabricated fat compounds – we were skeptical.

Between fears of Rona and mass unemployment, was California ready for an XXL lung buster worth $ 150 to $ 200?


Here we are in November and X is always filling Doinks with exotic flowers like a quarter ounce of biscuit muesli milk, Fiore Cyber ​​Cake, Wonderbrett’s Zerbert or Backpack Boyz’s Red Tommyz or Blue Tommyz. In addition, there is a gram of hashish, all packed in a “lift ticket”, a roll of paper infused with THC. We are dead.

This is an enriched cannabis product – much like old-school moonrocks or tarantulas – that does justice to a young, invulnerable, cross-border subculture of THC maximalists, Xzibit told Leafly.

A napalm makes the whole clique shine. (Courtesy Napalm)

“If you smoke Dosist, napalm may not be for you. … ”

– Xzibit, rapper, cannabis entrepreneur

“If you smoke Dosist, napalm may not be for you. If you’re wondering how much CBD is in CBD cream, napalm might not be for you. And there is nothing wrong with people like that who want to dip their toes in the water, ”he said. “Napalm is for people who have signed up for the Cannabis Convention and have about five or six dabs of highly potent living resin. for people who really consume THC and the heavier side of what cannabis has to offer. ”

Celebrate surviving until the end of the Hunger Games in 2020. Impress younger cousins ​​at the detached Thanksgiving Festival. This mega connection will hot box your entire house and set off the smoke alarms.

Sold in licensed pharmacies across California.

(David Downs / Leafly)

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