LED develop lights are cheaper than ever for hashish growers


For cannabis growers, lights are a serious investment, whether you’re an established producer hoping to upgrade or a beginner buying your first kit to grow yourself. Better lighting can mean lower energy costs, more time caring for your crops, and most importantly, better harvests. The good news: your dream setup may be closer than you think.

Spider Farmer, a cannabis grow light manufacturer, is a pioneering lighting manufacturer of the highest quality. Their lighting systems are scalable, energy efficient, and cost less than half the price of most of the biggest brands.

Don’t start adding to your lighting budget until you meet Spider Farmer, the cannabis industry’s secret weapon for thriving harvests, high margins, and low costs. It is possible that you can get your next upgrade for less money than your current system.

Less expensive – not cheaper

LED grow lights(Courtesy Spider Farmer)

Regardless of where the company is located, most of the grow lights you buy are made in China. Spider Farmer is a Chinese company that sells direct to consumers around the world and kills the distributor in the middle – although they also do wholesale and their products are for sale at your local grow store.

The company works with trusted top brands to deliver the most reliable products, including Samsung diodes and Meanwell drivers. And with global warehouses in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Europe, Australia, Russia and Asia, fast, local and duty-free shipping is a definite plus.

Hyper efficiency

LED grow lights(Courtesy Spider Farmer)

Reduce the energy costs for your existing growth or start a new business without affecting your energy bills too much with the powerful and energy-saving lamps from Spider Farmer. The SF lighting series only achieves 2.9 µmol per joule – that’s photon power to power output – making it one of the most efficient lights on the market. The SF 4000 light covers 25 square meters, but only consumes 450 watts in total.

Technology has advanced very quickly in this area. So if you’re still using a clunky old light, you can’t afford not to upgrade. According to Greenhouse Product News, by upgrading to modern LED lights like Spider Farmer’s SF series, you can save more than 50 percent on energy costs compared to older high-pressure sodium lamps.

Flawless full spectrum

LED grow lights(Courtesy Spider Farmer)

Spider Farmer’s full spectrum LED lights are not only more efficient – they are critical to ensuring that your plants have the light they need throughout the growing cycle. Warm white light makes the flowers fuller and livelier. Blue light promotes germination and growth. Red light works with blue light for a higher yield. Infrared light may seem weak to the human eye, but the entire spectrum of light speeds up phytochrome conversion and results in larger harvests.

All-in-one control

Even the most beautiful grow lights sometimes don’t play well together, and it’s very common that each individual light needs to be adjusted individually. It is a tedious task and completely unnecessary. Spider Farmer is one of the few companies with the option of daisy chaining multiple lights in one control module so you can quickly and accurately adjust growing conditions.

Pretty tough

Loud fans and moisture problems are a thing of the past. SF lights are heat and moisture resistant, so you can focus more on the health of your plants and less on your lights.

A light for every size

LED grow lights(Courtesy Spider Farmer)

While the five-by-five SF 4000 is Spider Farmer’s most popular light, you don’t have to be that big. SF lights start at less than $ 160: The SF 1000 offers the same efficiency and spectrum of light in a smaller package with a range of more than six square feet. The SF 2000 has all the same functions in 12 square meters. If you have big dreams, watch out for the brand new light SF 7000 which will be available soon.

Regardless of the size of your farm, Spider Farmer has everything you need to grow healthy, abundant cannabis plants, including tents that are perfect for the lighting systems. Not sure where to start? Spider Farmer has you covered with complete kits. Each model comes with a tent, a grow light, a carbon filter, a fan, a timer, hangers, a thermo-hygrometer and grow bags. That’s all you need – minus the seeds and soil – from less than $ 350.

Ready to grow? Spider Farmer prides itself on being “a reliable company you can trust” and has a professional technical team backed by sales and service support. Check out the full line of efficient and affordable equipment from Spider Farmer today.

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Beth Edmonds