Love Glows: Suggestions, Tips, and Hacks to Carry Meals to Your Valentine’s Day


Is that love I smell in the air or just some moisture?

Most of all, Valentine’s Day is about showing your loved ones that you care. Some people prefer grand gestures, but tend to prefer gifts and something cute to go with them.

A new year heralds a new wave of creativity when it comes to staples like pre-rolls, edibles, and now drinks. That’s why we spoke to some of the greatest dreamers and makers in the California cannabis industry to find out how to make lemonade out of lemons on Valentine’s Day; even without this special person.

For beginners

Tip 1: start with a low-dose Bevvie

Everyone has an edible horror story, and those stories almost always result in overdosing. Homemade foods can be impossible to dose.

Skip that and chop up your hangover with a low dose drink. In California we got Viv and Oaks 2: 1: 1 Shimmering Scarlett.

Viv and Oak’s founder, Alana Burstein, always loved wine, but he didn’t love her back. She had experimented with making cannabis foods, but it wasn’t until she got to California and into the abundance of cannabis scientists that she clicked: Take the alcohol out of the wine and add cannabis.

In collaboration with the Oakland-based infusion manufacturer Vertosa, Burstein created five different wines based on rosé and Zinfandel. Each libation contains the main active ingredients of the weed, THC and CBD, which in total do not contain more than 10 mg per glass and 750 ml bottle. As with your first glass of champagne, you will feel good without blurring your words or knocking on the couch. They also contain less sugar than alcoholic wine and the “cannabis taste” goes undetected.

(Courtesy Viv & Oak)Make the weeds easier for beginners with an alcohol-free THC
Rose. (Courtesy Viv & Oak)

One of the Zinfandels contains the lesser-known but invaluable cannabinoid THC-V; As a clear, energetic mood enhancer without the nibbles.

“It’s an upscale social experience whether you’re relaxing, reading, or losing your nerve at the end of the day,” says Burstein. “We’re trying to remove this stigma. The 1: 1 is my favorite. “

See also– Have a low-dose beverage of your choice regardless of your legalization status:

Spherex’s Phyx Infused and flavored seltzer in ColoradoFruity Mocktails from head in Washington And live out Harz sodas Magic number in Oregon.

Medium skill

Tip 2: Just melt the chocolate you bought in the pharmacy

California market leader Satori pralines, known for decadent goodies like strawberries in milk chocolate, recently launched its Satori Singles, 10 mg of metered milk or dark chocolate squares that can be eaten as is or added to existing recipes.

“It fits in with the moment without having to worry about the dosage of using flowers or hash. [The Singles] Cut out several steps and make the math easier for people, ”says Elise McDonough, Confectionery Brand Manager at CannaCraft, which owns Satori. “My favorite method is to melt it down and put it in cupcake frosting.”

(Courtesy Satori)Overthinking is unattractive. Simply melt, dip, eat and chill. (Courtesy Satori)

Ethically speaking, Satori sources its cocoa from cooperatives in Latin America. A process called nanoemulsion can also shorten the waiting time for the food to start. from an hour to just 15 minutes. If melting the chocolate down and using it as a fondue for fruit is too tame for your taste, Satori has also worked with seasoned cannabis chefs to make recipes like this chocolate-melted lava cake to take home.

See also– If you can’t get your hands on Satori products or live out of state, we recommend adding:


Tip 3: give them better flowers

Prefer to light up? These artisanal joints look great and burn better.

Cannabis and red roses are both flowers of love. So why choose how you give them to that special someone? Instead of looking for red roses from a florist, stop by your local MedMen location and pick up one of La Rosé cannabis from CaliGreenGold. Each tobacco-free “dull” plant contains two grams of hybrid flower with a pinch of sprinkles that is hand-wrapped in rose petals and tipped with wood. They also work on pre-rolled rose cones for a bespoke experience.

The Rose Wrapped Stump by CaliGreenGold (Courtesy Cali Green Gold)The stump wrapped in roses by CaliGreenGold. (Courtesy Cali Green Gold)

See also– Save yourself the roll time with other Date-Night approved pre-rolls like:

Sometimes all you have to do is smoke a damn joint.  (David Downs / Leafly)Sometimes all you have to do is smoke a damn joint. The new 5-pack cans of a Golden State. (David Downs / Leafly)

Probably too advanced

Tip 4: love … sauce?

The contemporary Love Sauce body chocolate from California brand Kiva takes infused weed chocolate to another level, and we have questions. What we know for sure is that it is not a lubricant!

Shower first: ask questions later.  (Courtesy Kiva Confections)Shower first: ask questions later. (Courtesy Kiva Confections)

Their latest offering is 4 ounces of dark chocolate body butters that contain a relatively low dose of 10 mg. This is not a transdermal issue, so you have to be eating it from someone to get a micro-buzz. Water on purpose.

Available from February 9th in select pharmacies that sell Kiva products. Call them!

Amelia Williams

Amelia Williams is a longtime bud tender and cannabis writer based in San Francisco. She has contributed to MG Magazine, Culture Magazine, Cannabis Now, the GreenState of the San Francisco Chronicle, and is the author of the Barbary Coast Pharmacy’s Bud Blog.

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