Mailing Edibles – What You Want To Know


Are you thinking of shipping some weed foods? Here is everything you need to know about it, summarized with examples. This article is about the United States only.


Weed Food Shipping Laws Mailing hemp-related products Mail groceries through private companies

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Laws surrounding the shipping of weed edibles

It is It is illegal to ship groceries within the US no matter where or from where you are sending it. This is because marijuana is still a controlled substance at the federal level and the USPS is a federal organization. The same applies to products that contain marijuana or THC, such as B. vape cartridges, oils, resins, flowers, etc. Now, to be very clear, a few examples.

Say we want to send weed food from Alabama to Washington. That would be illegal.

Now, let’s say we want to send weed food from Washington to Alabama. That would be illegal. And this would be illegal, regardless of how many “illegal states” the package had to go through. If you were shipping groceries from Colorado to Wyoming, two neighboring states, it would still be illegal.

Suppose we want to send weed food from Los Angeles to San Francisco. It would still be illegal to do so, even if the package never leaves California.

Shipping food within an illegal country

Hopefully this goes without saying, but it is also illegal.

The JUST Exceptions are products made from hemp or CBD oil. However, to legally ship these products you will need:

a license to manufacture industrial products with a THC content of the product (s) of no more than 0.3%

Please visit the USPS website for more information about these requirements.

Mail edibles about private companies

Many people think that shipping marijuana or related products through UPS, DHL, FedEx, or some other private postal company is a smarter alternative. It is not.

In fact, because these are private companies, they can all Legally open any package or piece of mail you wantwithout a warrant. If you are mailing through the USPS because it is a federal agency, you are legally required to obtain a search warrant. A search warrant can be obtained based on the smell of weeds from a package or other suspicions.

While the USPS can easily get a search warrant on a package, they are often the preferred method for people shipping cannabis and its derivatives within the United States.

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