Missouri and Medical Marijuana: Every part You Must Know


With many US states turning a new leaf on the medical marijuana debate, it was only a matter of time before many settled on new laws and regulations regarding the use of marijuana for certain medical treatments and treatments.

Currently, there are several states that have approved the use of medical marijuana without legalizing recreational marijuana, and more, with both medical and recreational use legalized. With so much new research on the use of marijuana for medical treatments, it’s no wonder so many states have jumped on the bandwagon. But what about the show-me state? Read on for everything you need to know about Missouri and medical marijuana.

Is MMJ legal in Missouri?

In 2014, Missouri passed Act HB 2238, which included new laws and the design of the Missouri Hemp Extract Registration Program. Four years later, an amendment that enacted the Medical Marijuana and Veterans Health Service Initiative, which led to the legalization of medical marijuana based on government-approved medical recommendations, was voted on.

The regulator that oversees the use of marijuana as an aid in medical treatment in Missouri is the Missouri Department of Health Senior Services. You are responsible for all application and processing requirements when it comes to obtaining a card for legal medical marijuana use.

Patients with medical marijuana cards can purchase a 30-day supply or up to four ounces. If more is needed, a person must seek recommendations from more than one certified doctor.

Image by Jeff W on Unsplash: Medical marijuana, when used correctly, along with a doctor-established treatment plan, can help a variety of diseases.

Missouri Medical Card Requirements

To get a Missouri Medical Card there are a number of steps you need to follow (detailed below). However, before submitting an application, you must confirm that you are suffering from one or more of the qualifying conditions.

Requirements for using medical marijuana in Missouri include:

Alzheimer’s DiseaseAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s DiseaseAutismCachexia or Wasting SyndromeCancerCrohn’s DiseasePilepsyGlaucomaHepatitis CHIV / AIDSHuntington’s disease, persistent pain or muscle spasms, including: Multiple SclerosisParkinson’s Disease Seizure Tourette’s Syndrome

These conditions must be diagnosed by a certified medical practitioner who will then recommend the use of marijuana and the amount needed to combat the symptoms. The application process can begin on the recommendation of a doctor.

How do you get a health card in Missouri?

Getting a Missouri health card is not a difficult process if you follow the steps correctly and gather the right information. First, a doctor certification form must be completed and submitted. Then you have to register. After registration, patients must fill out the application. Applications can take up to 30 days to be processed.

The patient must have their card with them at all times so that they can purchase their marijuana from licensed and registered Missouri pharmacies. A separate card, the Grow Card, also allows a person to grow up to six personal cannabis plants on their property.

Obtaining a health card can also be done using telemedicine if a person cannot see a doctor in person. After the application process, it is determined whether a person qualifies; Applying for a card is not guaranteed to mean receiving a card. For those who receive authorization, an MMJ card is valid for one calendar year, so the process must be repeated annually.

Can you be discharged in Missouri because of a medical card?

Missouri employment laws and medical marijuana card laws aren’t as advanced as other states. For example, a person who is employed may still be forced to undergo marijuana drug tests if for some reason the employer requires it. Missouri cannot provide assistance or protection to MMJ cardholders from legal drug testing by their employer, and it is at the company’s discretion regarding the status and use of MMJ cards, as well as drug testing.

However, there are regulations in place to prevent unlawful dismissal or discrimination against anyone with a medical marijuana card. Therefore, a person cannot be fired or transferred for employment simply for the fact that they have an MMJ card.

There are exceptions to this rule – for example, certain positions that require a more sensitive approach to security, e.g. B. Jobs that require the use or carrying of firearms or performing life-threatening procedures. The Missouri Act 593 highlights all occupations that may not be covered by the safety of MMJ regulations when it comes to employment.

MMJRecs - medical cannabis glassImage by Jeff W on Unsplash: You can’t get fired for a medical marijuana card in Missouri, but you can still get employer drug testing.

Medical marijuana use has received widespread attention due to the amount of new research and the diseases that MMJ can help treat. As more states move forward to legalize medical marijuana, it could mean good things for people with qualified conditions.

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