Mixing Cannabis Delivery Systems: What Will It Do?


There are tons of ways to get your cannabis fix these days, ranging from what we already know, like smoking, vaping, topicals, and edibles. To more obscure, but still useful methods, like injections, nasal sprays, and suppositories. But what if you use a topical and smoke a joint? Or eat an edible and then vape a bit? Or what if you use a patch, eat an edible, and then do some dabbing? Sometimes using different cannabis delivery systems at once can work in tandem. Sometime it can create some pretty awful effects. Let’s take a look.

There are so many cannabis delivery systems to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one! Just like, there are so many great cannabis products, that it’s hard to know the best to use. Take delta-8 THC. We didn’t know much about it just a few years ago, and now its the preeminent way to smoke cannabis without inducing anxiety and paranoia, and to maintain a clear head while high. The best thing is that no matter what product you choose, there are different options for delivery systems. Check out our awesome Delta-8 THC deals, and pick the product and delivery system that works best for you.

Let’s go over cannabis delivery systems

First off, the term ‘delivery system’, for those I am currently confusing, is simply the method in which the cannabis is gotten into your system. Though when first thinking about it, most people will gravitate toward the more well-known and appreciated methods, like smoking and edibles, the world of cannabis is a big, wide place, and there are so many other ways to do this.

Smoking & vaping:

Vaping is a slightly more modern invention, but smoking cannabis has been done for millennia, and there is even plenty of evidence of historic vaping, though people back in Ancient Egypt weren’t sucking on vape pens, but rather using hot rocks to vaporize liquids to breathe in. Both smoking and vaping have a near immediate effect since cannabinoids travel directly to the lungs when inhaled, where they transfer to the blood stream, and then onto the brain, where they bind with CB1 receptors, giving the user a high feeling. The effects for this type of ingestion method are only 1-2 hours, which is why users will often smoke multiple times in a day.


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