Montana simply voted to legalize marijuana. Here is what occurs subsequent


Congratulations Montana!

After a controversial tantrum campaign, Montana voters legalized recreational cannabis through Initiative 190. Montanans also passed the necessary companion to I-190, Constitutional Initiative 118, which amends the state constitution to set the legal age of cannabis use at 21 years. Both measures have won favor with around 60% of voters.

Here’s what happens next.

No, not quite yet – but very soon.

New Year.

Montana residents are allowed to own, use, and grow marijuana on January 1, 2021.

More specifically, Montana adults can legally celebrate the New Year by lighting a legal joint, spliff, vape, or bong at 12:01 am on January 1, 2021

How much can i own?

Any adult 21 and over may legally own up to one ounce of cannabis flower and eight grams of cannabis concentrates.

Home cannabis growers are allowed to have up to four adult plants and four seedlings per individual, with a maximum of eight plants per household.


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When can I legally buy marijuana?

In about a year. Leisure sales are slated to begin in Montana in January 2022.

Can i grow cannabis at home?


From January 1, 2021, adults can own up to four mature plants per individual, with a maximum of eight plants per household.


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Will there be new marijuana retail stores?

Probably, but not for a few years.

To help current medical marijuana suppliers enter the adult retail market, Initiative 190 provides for a year-long moratorium on new licenses for non-governmental companies.

When this moratorium expires, these non-state operators will only be able to enter the market with a small growth roof.

Is Marijuana Taxed?

Yes, adult cannabis is taxed at a flat rate of 20%.

Is there a process for deleting sentences?


Individuals with non-violent cannabis records can apply to the Treasury Department for deletion.

Individuals currently behind bars for cannabis-related crimes considered legal under Initiative 190 can also request that their sentences be reduced.

Can my city ban cannabis stores?


A local community can impose a temporary moratorium on adult cannabis stores. But that hold must then be put to the vote at the next election – which doesn’t have to be a general election, it could be a primary or an off-season election.

Can Retail Stores Promote Marijuana?

Not in the traditional sense. Cannabis retail stores cannot advertise in local newspapers or on television.

Leafly currently lists legal medical marijuana dispensaries in Montana and lists licensed adult cannabis stores on our website and app.

How will Montana vendors fare in all of this?

It’s sure to mix. You will likely need to scale up to meet increased demand from an adult audience.

This is how Marc Lax, CFO of Spark1, felt on election day.

Leafly: Are customers calling about legalization? Do You Have Questions?

Marc Lax: They ask, “When it’s over, can we come and buy right now?” [The answer is no, not until January 2022.]

If the uptake is successful, the demand for cannabis will increase tremendously. How do you prepare for it?

I think giving birth gave us a taste of what rec will give us. More than doubling it would be an understatement. If you’re not as efficient as you can and you’re not ready to double your infrastructure, sign up closed and sell now.

When we support each other [our program] What happened in other states, the big ones will get bigger and the little ones will disappear. To team up [via the 50% horizontal provision in the adult-use bill]or very close.

Greg Gianforte is slated to become governor of Montana tonight. He is very much against legalization. Do you fear that he will try to slow down or stand in the way of legalization?

I think he has to wonder what the effect of creating a more complicated rollout would be. We need to realize that cannabis is working class capitalism in Montana. It’s farm work. You go in and get dirty. They work hard. Getting rich is by no means an easy scheme. It’s as Republican and American as it gets. It’s good capitalism.

How do you think rec will affect the Montana medical market?

What will happen to current medical providers is that it will explode their business. Locals always have a card, no one will pay a 20% tax. You will want that [stronger], better products. doctors [who write recommendations for cannabis] gonna blow the fuck up Rec is a tourist tax. Control the tourists. Do you want to come in and pick up herbs? Great. Keep the doctors, keep the medical community alive.


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