Morocco to Shake Things Up With Legalized Medical Cannabis


Morocco looks to be the next country to join the African green rush. With a bill up for approval next week in parliament, Morocco hopes to give itself an economic push with this new legislation to legalize medical cannabis. Considering how much it already exports illegally, this legalization could really shake up the global medical cannabis industry.

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Morocco and cannabis

Morocco is a 100% cannabis illegal country at the moment. Morocco’s Criminal Code states that offenders may be placed in treatment facilities, rather than go to prison, that assets can be taken away from offenders, and that possession may incur punishment. Use crimes can incur up to about 10 years in prison, though most do not receive such a sentence.

The sale of cannabis is illegal in Morocco, but the drug is ubiquitous, and used frequently. Sold illegally as hashish under the name ‘kif’, it can be found quite easily in most big cities, with Chefchaouen, in the Rif region being the unofficial ‘capital of kif’. It is often smoked out of a hooka. Cultivation is illegal, and offenders face both prison time and fines. Trafficking is also predictably illegal with punishments of up to 30 years in prison and €60,000 in fines. Industrial hemp is illegal to grow.

Medical cannabis is currently illegal in Morocco, though this could change soon. Most of the push for a change here has to do with economic recovery. Since 2013, different political parties have pushed for legislation to either legalize a medicinal industry, or decriminalize the whole hash industry altogether. In 2014, an entire legalization bill was put forth by the opposition party in parliament, though it was never approved.

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