Nevada is preparing for cannabis use lounges


The long-awaited bill to give people a place for public cannabis use, which was in the works before the pandemic restrictions, has finally passed the Nevada legislature with bipartisan support.

Previously, people were only allowed to consume cannabis on private property, which is fine with residents, but about 40 million tourists visiting Nevada annually have been unlucky without smoking the flower, which they legally bought from local pharmacies had. Not only was it a burden for consumers, but pharmacies lost money because people either used fewer flowers than usual or didn’t buy them at all.

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This bill, FROM 341, create two different types of cannabis lounges – independent lounges that are consumption lounges and nothing more, and retail lounges that are attached to a pharmacy. Both categories are regulated by the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board.

The Vegas Tasting Room, owned and operated by NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, is located on the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe land north of downtown Las Vegas and is currently the only legal consumption lounge in the state. The Vegas Tasting Room offers 90-minute time slots with options like pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other methods of consumption.


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