New Jersey Desires Dwelling Cultivation for Hashish


Every new location to legalize cannabis either recreationally or medically, comes up with its own set of rules for exactly what is legal. After the last US election, there were a few new additions to the legalization family, one of them being New Jersey, which legalized for recreational use. However, the State didn’t get everything it wanted. New Jersey wants home cultivation of cannabis to be legalized for its citizens, and right now, it is still not.

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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 was the date of the last US presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It was also the day that several states held referendums to allow their voters to decide certain issues, one of the biggest of which was the legalization of cannabis. Many states held votes for the legalization of medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, or both (in the case of South Dakota). When the results of the election came in, four new states had gone legal recreationally: South Dakota, Montana, Arizona, and New Jersey.

The New Jersey referendum

On November 3rd, the people of New Jersey were given the right to vote for or against a recreational cannabis policy through Public Question 1 on their ballot. Approximately 67% of the voting population answered ‘yes’ on this ballot measure, legalizing recreational cannabis use for adults 21 years of age, or older. The bill legalized the cultivation, processing, and selling of cannabis commercially.

Public Question 1 acted as a constitutional amendment. The ability for this was passed as a resolution by the New Jersey State Legislature in December 2019, which was supported by 72 out of 79 democrats, and disapproved by 36 of 41 republicans. New Jersey, and the use of Public Question 1 on the ballot, marks the first time that a state legislature has referred a legalization measure onto its voters.

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