New video appointments out there for sufferers


The Pennsylvania Department of Health has approved new home-approved patients for medical marijuana cards.

We use Skype to video chat with new patients. The app is easy to use download and install it on your computer or phone.

New patients are required to provide some type of health document showing that they are in a qualified condition. You should also fill out our documents (Click here to download). Email these documents and a picture of your driver’s license so we know we’re talking to you.

Make an appointment on our website and choose a telemedicine video appointment for new patients.

Make sure, that Register online with the Ministry of Health. Instructions are provided here HERE (Click on the link).

Finally, before your video call, send us a message with your name and the date of the appointment via Skype so that we know your username. Our Skype username is matthewroman1.

We ask that you do all of these things the day before you call.

As soon as you have a video chat with one of our doctors, we will call you to make a credit card payment. The cost of a new appointment with a patient marijuana card is $ 199.99. After we receive payment, our doctor will look you up on the marijuana program website and approve you for your card. You will then receive an email from the state informing you that you have been approved. You can sign up again on the Department of Health’s website and pay the $ 50 for your card. They will mail it to you and you should receive it within 5-7 working days.


Beth Edmonds