New Zealand Voted NO to Hashish Legalization


For New Zealand, the big story in the past several months was whether the people of the country would vote to legalize recreational cannabis through a non-binding referendum. As it turns out, the timing just wasn’t right, and New Zealand voted no to recreational cannabis.

In what many thought would be a turning point for New Zealand cannabis culture, the people of the country decided they just weren’t ready for legalized recreational cannabis.

The world of legal cannabis is constantly moving and changing.
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New Zealand and cannabis

In New Zealand, cannabis is considered a controlled substance, and as such, both possessing and using it are illegal. This is covered in the Misuse of Drugs Act, 1975. Cannabis is scheduled as a Class B drug meaning its associated with having a high risk of harm, and therefore, courts are forced to give custodial sentences to offenders. Sale and supply crimes are also predictably illegal, but are not differentiated from use and possession crimes so the penalties are the same. Trafficking is taken less lightly, and offenders caught importing and exporting can find themselves in prison for up to seven years. Cultivation is also illegal, and also can incur up to seven years in prison.

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