Ought to CBD Be Half Of Your Wellness Routine?


There are many ways you can consume CBD and while the form is partly a matter of personal preference, it’s important to understand that our bodies process and absorb CBD differently depending on how we consume it. The technical term for this concept of absorption is “bioavailability.” The more bioavailable a substance is, the more easily our bodies are able to absorb it.

What all of these methods share is that CBD is not psychoactive — meaning, no matter what form you try CBD in, the CBD itself won’t make you feel high.

Sublingual (tinctures): Some tinctures are oil based while others are alcohol based. Tinctures allow for consistent dosing of CBD since they come with measured droppers. You squeeze a few drops (or more, depending on how much you’re looking to consume) under your tongue and you hold it there for 30 seconds. Under the tongue is an effective way to consume CBD because it absorbs more directly into your bloodstream so your body doesn’t waste much of it. CW Hemp is a reputable brand that makes CBD tinctures that are sold online.

Oral (capsules): Surprisingly, taking CBD orally often has the lowest bioavailability, or, the lowest absorption by your body. If you think about the digestion process, you’ll start to understand why: Your food passes through a lot of enzymes that break it down as it goes through your digestive tract. In general, not much of the CBD taken in capsule form is absorbed (only 20%!). With that said, if you look out for “water soluble” formulas, like Sagely Naturals’ CBD + Turmeric Capsules, the CBD is more soluble in the digestive tract, meaning significantly higher bioavailability and potency (up to 95%!).

Inhalation (vape pens): The lungs are highly permeable and so this is another good method in terms of higher bioavailability and it can work faster than other methods since the vapor goes straight into your circulation.

Topical (creams and salves): Our skin is our largest organ and we absorb a lot more through our skin than you would think. CBD not only absorbs through our skin, it also can be more bioavailable than most other methods. While CBD used topically has the same effects as CBD used in the other methods above, many of these products contain added ingredients that can provide additional therapeutic value. Sagely Naturals’ Relief & Recovery Cream contains essential peppermint oil and menthol, so it’s great for pain relief because you feel the analgesic effects almost immediately.

As you can see, there are a lot of options out there. If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you can find CBD products in medical marijuana dispensaries (just make sure to pay attention to the THC content in the products, or else you might end up with an inadvertent high!). If you’d like to try CBD and ensure that there is no psychoactive effect, look for the hemp-derived products you can buy online from some of the sources I mentioned above. With more and more research coming out about the health benefits of the cannabis plant, it’s an amazing time to add CBD to your health and wellness routine!


Beth Edmonds