Out there on Wednesday evenings


Wednesday evenings are now available

We are open Wednesday evening from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. for patients who need time outside of regular working hours. After work, visit one of our medical marijuana doctors for your medical marijuana card assessment.


Make sure you bring medical records showing that you have a qualified medical condition such as anxiety or chronic pain. These can also be faxed from your doctor’s office to our office before your appointment. We take notes from therapist / psychologist about anxiety and VA records showing PTSD or other qualified medical condition. Our fax number is (855) 696-3299.

Registration with the Medical Marijuana Program

Sometimes it’s easier to sign up for the medical marijuana program before your appointment. You can do this by following our instructions on our instructions page. That way you can fill out our consent form at the appointment and the doctor has everything they need to approve you right away. Our Wednesday night doctor is particularly known for admitting patients during the appointment!


Beth Edmonds