PAX vapes make small however highly effective presents


Good things really come in small packages. Case in point: Meet PAX, discreet and practical handheld vaporizers that are sure to be a huge hit.

PAX has become a household name for cannabis vape products and has focused on the best technology to deliver a clean high in a discreet way. And with options for those who love dry herbs, concentrates, and cannabis oils, PAX has a range of vaporizers that are sure to win the holidays.

Read on to find out why the Pax Era Pro and PAX 3 are so sought after this season.

PAX Era Pro

There’s a lot to like about the PAX Era Pro. First the technology:

For those who want to keep an eye on their favorites, the new software update from Era Pro called “My Pods” is a hit. It gives users the ability to rate every cannabis concentrate pod they have tried in their Era Pro Vape and then keep track of it and / or add it to a favorites list. The device also warns users of haptic vibrations, satisfying the buzz best known with smartphones.

Another unique feature is PAXSmart ™ technology which automatically saves the user’s ideal temperature settings along with a preferred dose setting. This means that you can experience each strain and taste the way you want, every time. It’s a little personal touch, but it improves the repetition experience a lot.

The design is slimmer than ever and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, pocket or pocket. There are four colors to choose from, including more traditional onyx and platinum (black and silver), as well as a lighter shade like crimson (cherry red) which adds a touch of personality.

Courtesy PAX

In terms of security, the Era Pro has you covered. It is UL certified which is the highest safety standard for vaporizers and overall a safer battery experience. The drop test and pressure test also guarantee that the device won’t fail when you’re on the ski slopes or adventuring.

In fact, TIME magazine recognized the Era Pro in its 25 best products at CES 2020, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, held annually in Vegas.


While the Era Pro has its advantages, the PAX 3 is also worth considering. It’s a dual-use vape, which means you can use either loose-leaf or concentrates depending on your tastes and preferences. For certain users, this double action is a must.

First, the best-selling device is now available in four new colors, including onyx, sand, burgundy and sage, all of which have a smooth metallic finish. It’s a bit bigger than the Era Pro but still fits in the palm of your hand.

PAX vapes vacationCourtesy PAX

The battery life is impressive too, lasting around 8 to 10 sessions before you need a charge. The USB port makes juicing the device as easy as charging a smartphone and takes 90 minutes to fill up again.

Speaking of quality, like Era Pro, it’s also UL certified. It is the first loose-leaf cannabis vaporizer in the world to receive this safety certification, which really reinforces the 10-year limited warranty. That is peace of mind.

PAX vapes

Like the Era Pro, the PAX 3 model connects to the PAX app, which can be used on desktop or downloaded for Android, and allows users to adjust temperatures, steam outputs, and control flavor profiles.

PAX offers the modern vape user a complete experience and, by the way, is a really great gift.

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Beth Edmonds