Personal appointments with marijuana card required (again)

Yesterday, marijuana medical doctors in Pennsylvania received an email from the Department of Health’s marijuana programs office explaining to them that marijuana card appointments must be face-to-face again. Last year, the coronavirus protocols made it possible for a patient’s marijuana doctor to certify marijuana cards using telemedicine. That seems to be over.

According to the marijuana program, they sent the following email to the cannabis doctors:

Good afternoon,

Unless the General Assembly decides to extend it, the amendment to the disaster proclamation signed by Governor Wolf on May 20, 2021 may expire on or around June 10, 2021. As a reminder: the statutory and regulatory suspensions only exist as long as the proclamation is valid.

To that end, the Office of Medical Marijuana strongly recommends that you begin planning your transition to legal and regulatory requirements regarding personal patient consultations that existed prior to the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

We will provide you with any additional information as it becomes available.

Many Thanks,

Medical Marijuana Office

Personal marijuana card appointments are available at Natures Way Medicine

Fortunately, Natures Way Medicine is open to personal appointments in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are open most days of the week and Saturday mornings. Our address is 131 N 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

If you are a new patient coming to your cannabis card consultation, make sure you bring health records that document your qualified condition. This could be anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, or many other medical conditions which you can read about on our Conditions page.

We also encourage our patients to read our educational material on our cannabis education page, which we have learned is very helpful for patients trying to figure out what types of cannabis products they can get in pharmacies with their marijuana cards.

Share with friends and family

Please let others know that we are available so people don’t get stranded without receiving marijuana cards. Over the past year, there have been many companies outside of the state providing marijuana cards to patients via video that don’t have actual inpatient locations where patients can personally visit their marijuana doctor for their marijuana card consultation. We are happy to offer this service to patients and will be focusing on physical appointments again during this changeover.

Let people know on Facebook and social media sites or tell them personally how the dates are!


Beth Edmonds