Prime 9 Myths About Marijuana: Debunking Marijuana Myths With Marijuana Details


Marijuana is no longer a foreign drug. Legalization spearheaded by various states and countries has brought marijuana products to the mainstream market, making them an “accepted” drug worldwide. Although the stigma and shame associated with marijuana or weeds are quickly disappearing from people’s minds, there is still a lot of misinformation and myths about marijuana.

It is high time we debunk each of these marijuana myths and help educate people with real marijuana facts.

In this article, we have listed the 9 top marijuana myths that are the most prevalent in people’s minds. Let’s find the truth behind each of these marijuana myths.

MARIJUANA MYTH 1: Marijuana is a drug route to addiction – the gateway theory

MARIJUANA FACT: According to the Gateway Theory, people who use marijuana end up taking harder drugs. But this theory is certainly misunderstood. If you are to say that the people who use marijuana start using cocaine or heroin, it is an absurd argument.

We often see that there are some people who used to use marijuana and are now addicted to or use other hard drugs like cocaine or heroin. But in no way does this document state that marijuana led them to these drugs. The fact is – people who use marijuana often enter the company of other people who may be using substances other than marijuana.

This can encourage marijuana users to try something new. And so they can start using hardcore drugs. Hence, one of the critical marijuana myths that it is a gateway drug is completely false.

MARIJUANA MYTH 2: 420 is a police code for criminal offenses

MARIJUANA FACT: 420 is a popular code for smoking. In addition, 4:20 pm has also become the official time for pot smokers to light! But that doesn’t stop there. Even April 20th was widely celebrated as Weed Day in many countries.

Many marijuana myth-spreaders believe that 420 is some kind of police code that stands for either juvenile delinquency or marijuana possession. The fact is, however, that 420 has nothing to do with anything as such.

The code 420 was linked to the five stoner teenagers back in 1971. This group learned of the secret supply of potted plants that had been abandoned. The group of these five California high school kids plan to meet at 4:20 a.m. each day to conduct searches for these plants.

But after weeks of searching, the plants were never found. Eventually the story spread and the rock band “The Grateful Dead” used that term – the 420 – in their songs and made them better known. And so the 4:20 was linked to marijuana and later to anger.

MARIJUANA MYTH 3: Marijuana creates high

MARIJUANA FACT: This is one of the most popular marijuana myths. The answer to this myth is yes and no! Yes, because if you use marijuana, which is high in THC – a psychoactive substance found in the marijuana plant known to be “high” when consumed, chances are that you will be “high.” ” will.

However, if you are consuming CBD products with an allowable amount of THC – less than 0.3% – there is nothing to worry about. All you need to consider is the dosage amount and dosage frequency. Don’t just follow other people’s dosage schedules. Even better – if you ask a doctor for advice.

In conclusion, just like the previous myths about marijuana, this myth is also technically wrong.

MARIJUANA MYTH 4: Marijuana affects human health

MARIJUANA FACT: No it does not. Let’s counter this myth through marijuana facts.

If you consume more than the “limit”, it will affect your well-being. Even using water beyond its limits has an impact on your health, as does marijuana.

However, if, after proper consultation with the doctor, you take it within the prescribed limit or amount that you can digest, there is nothing to worry about. Just make sure you start with a small dose, watch the result, notice the adverse effects, if any, then switch to a higher dose.

However, it is generally not recommended that you follow your homie – a pro-stoner on day one himself and calling marijuana a harmful drug later!

Also, most real marijuana products only harm your health if you have an allergy or sensitivity. Hence, the myth about marijuana that it affects human health does not stand in the court of marijuana span. Case rejected.

MARIJUANA MYTH 5: Medical marijuana cures all diseases

Myths about marijuanaMARIJUANA FACT: This is also one of the most important marijuana myths that we encounter on a daily basis. But the marijuana facts prove otherwise.

Yes, medicinal or recreational marijuana can cure a number of diseases, but not all. The marijuana substance – CBD – is often touted as the compound that alleviates or combats various conditions and diseases. However, it would be great to note that all of these conclusions are based on studies and research done on animals, not humans.

Marijuana-based CBD products are widely used to control anxiety, relieve inflammation, regulate bowel movements, improve skin health, and fight seizures. There are also some psychological benefits of marijuana as well. In this way it helps to improve concentration, remove mental blocks and create mental peace.

However, it is always recommended to consult a health care professional before making CBD products part of your record.

MARIJUANA MYTH 6: Marijuana damages human brain cells

MARIJUANA FACT: There are some stupid people out there who believe that smoking weed or even passively smoking marijuana is going to damage your brain cells! But believe us, this is one of the infamous marijuana myths brought to life by the U.S. government-funded study by Dr. Robert Heath from 1974.

The study included that monkeys were forced to smoke two joints a day for almost a year! The result of the study found that the consumption of marijuana severely damaged the monkey’s brain!

However, two main studies were conducted in the early 1920s to validate the authenticity of Dr. Heath. The results of both studies conclude that the Dr. Heath’s data were falsified and there is no evidence of damage to the monkey’s brain cells, as claimed.

Anyway, the same Dr. Robert Heath once claimed he successfully turned a gay man into a straight man by zapping his brain with electrodes!

Do we need to say anything more about the essentiality of Heath’s so-called weed damage brain cell theory? Along with other myths about marijuana, this myth is also wrong in our yard.

MARIJUANA MYTH 7: Marijuana is addicting

MARIJUANA FACT: First, let’s understand what addiction is. Addiction can be defined as the strong and burning desire or uncontrollable urge to use a substance, even when the user knows that it is causing harm to themselves or others.

Since the weed does not contain addictive substances like nicotine, we cannot classify it in the addictive substance category or we can say that there is nothing like weed addiction at all. However, it can be called physical addiction.

It is possible for some weed users to be addicting, but it certainly doesn’t compare to addiction to cocaine and heroin, or even cigarettes! Hence, along with all of the above six marijuana myths, this myth is also wrong.

MARIJUANA MYTH 8: Marijuana can cure cancer

MARIJUANA FACT: There is no substantial evidence to support such marijuana facts. Although marijuana substances offer a range of medicinal properties that can help fight and control many diseases and conditions, there is no scientific evidence or evidence to support these myths about marijuana claiming that it can cure cancer.

Also, most of the studies on marijuana and CBD are done on animals rather than humans – so these claims continue to be difficult to validate. At the same time, we do not thoroughly deny that marijuana cannot cure cancer.

Given the plethora of medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatories, antibacterial agents, and antioxidants, we’re confident that marijuana can potentially cure cancer too. But until we find legitimate scientific evidence, everything is in the air.

MARIJUANA MYTH 9: All marijuana products are the same

MARIJUANA FACT: Aside from the eight marijuana myths mentioned above, there is another important myth about marijuana that there is only one type of marijuana. It adds that – no matter what kind of weed you buy, it gives you nothing but high! As always, it’s not true at all.

First, let’s explain to all inexperienced marijuana users that marijuana products fall into three types: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Indica weed gives you a healthy, relaxed body high, Sativa gives you a mental high and helps you clear the mental block and focus, and the hybrid weed – a mix of the Sativa and Indica strains.

The hybrid weed is targeted towards a specific disease or condition. In short, it’s bespoke weed.

All of these strains have different advantages. For example, the sativa strain is known for its refreshing, energizing effects, which can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and focus. Indica strains are known to fight nausea, relieve acute pain, relieve anxiety, fight seizures, cure lupus and multiple sclerosis.

Hence, in addition to all of the above marijuana myths, the claim that all strains of marijuana are the same is further removed from the truth and out of sync with marijuana facts.

Conclusion: These were the main marijuana myths that we often come across in our lives. Now that we have each of them debunked with facts, we are sure that you will not face any challenge or dilemma when purchasing weed products in the future. Also, promise us that you will share these marijuana facts with all of your homies and friends who are brainwashed by marijuana myths and misinformation.

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