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Cannassure Therapeutics Ltd (TASE: CSURE) ("Cannassure"), an Israel-based developer and manufacturer of innovative medical cannabis products, today announced the successful completion of a feasibility study for the development of IP-protected, homogeneous, topical medical cannabis products for the United States Treatment of skin inflammation, including psoriatic lesions. (PRESS RELEASE)

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The product development of such topical medical cannabis products based on AKVANO® is carried out in collaboration between Cannassure and Lipidor AB ("Lipidor"), a Swedish company for the development of topical drugs, which owns the proprietary drug delivery technology platform AKVANO ™ in December 2019. The development project's budget is partially funded by the Israeli Innovation Agency through a non-dilutive grant.

The product under development is to incorporate cannabinoids into AKVANO®, a topical drug delivery platform. The successful development of the product enables the localized administration of a precise dosage of cannabinoids using a spray in a technology that allows longer contact and optimal penetration of the active ingredient into the skin.

As part of the feasibility study, the AKVANO® technology and cannabinoids were tested for tolerance, and it was found that the cannabinoids in the AKVANO® system can be successfully combined to obtain a homogeneous, uniform and stable formulation. Cannassure tested the degree of product penetration into the skin using known and acceptable models and found significant penetration of active ingredients into the skin tissue. This increased penetration can increase the therapeutic potential of the product. Based on these results, Cannassure will conduct accelerated development phases and more advanced testing.

Under the agreement, Cannassure has informed Lipidor of its intention to negotiate an exclusive global license to use Lipidor technology to develop topical cannabinoid-based therapeutics for the treatment of indications that Cannassure will select.

The key guidelines for the license agreement, including license fees to be paid to Lipidor for product sales, were set out in the collaboration agreement.

It is estimated that the global psoriasis treatment market is projected to reach $ 21.1 billion by 2022. The current global market for topical psoriasis products is valued at $ 7 billion and the global topical pain treatment market is expected to reach $ 13 billion.

Cannassure Growing Facility (Credit: Cannassure PR)

Product development of topical treatments based on cannabinoids is in line with Cannassure's strategy of focusing on the development and commercialization of innovative medical cannabis products based on established drug delivery systems and formulations for enhanced therapeutic value. Product development is carried out in accordance with the Israeli Medical Cannabis Regulation, which allows a short development process.

About Cannassure Therapeutics Ltd.

Cannassure Therapeutics Ltd. (TASE: CSURE) is a leading, trusted developer and supplier of premium quality medical cannabis products and cannabinoid pharmaceutical drugs that meet a wide range of unmet medical needs.

About Lipidor AB

Lipidor AB ( is a Swedish research and development company based in Stockholm with a pipeline of pharmaceutical development projects in the preclinical and clinical stages. The company develops topical medical products for the treatment of diseases such as psoriasis, bacterial skin infections and neurodermatitis by reformulating proven pharmaceutical substances.

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