Raw Cannabis Juice – What It Is, and the Best Products Out There


We already do C02 extractions and create concentrates from compression. We already consume cannabis as a smokable product, as edibles, topicals, and inserts. What’s the one thing missing? Juicing it! That’s right, just like with your vegetables, raw cannabis juice provides one of the best ways of getting all the good stuff that cannabis has to offer.

Honey? Shatter? BHO? Resin? Dabbing? Vapes? Edibles? There are so many ways to consume cannabis that it’s hard to figure out the best one. If you haven’t tried them all, you might not know which is right for you. Just like if you’ve been smoking regular delta-9 THC, you might not know there’s an alternate form – delta-8 THC – which won’t cause anxiety, has a clear-headed high, and less psychoactive effect. Sometimes it’s just about knowing what’s out there. Take a look at our collection of Delta-8 THC deals, and figure out the best product for you.

What is juicing?

First of all, we all know what juice is. Whether its from a peach dripping down your face when you bite it, or the carton in the drinks section of the super market, we fully understand that juice comes from fruit. And vegetables. Really, from any plant. Juicing simply means squeezing the liquid out of the plant. It really is that simple. It’s not using a more complicated extraction method, or trying to make a concentrate. It’s just squeezing out the life blood, and all the nutrients therein. Think of an orange press and how it takes all the juice out of the orange. That’s juicing. Plain and simple.

This isn’t to say all juices are created equally, they are not. Much of the juice you see in the supermarket barely contains plant products, instead relying on sugar, chemicals, and food dye, without all the good stuff. Savvy shoppers will know to make sure their juice is not pasteurized, as that process tends to ruin plant constituents, and that its not from concentrate either.

Savvy shoppers will know to look at the expiry date since real juice doesn’t last forever, and should spoil relatively fast. They will look for ‘cold-pressed’ on the labeling, which means it wasn’t processed in a high-speed and high-temperature centrifuge. A savvy consumer also knows to stay away from anything that boasts ‘fruit-flavored’, ‘natural-flavoring’, or ‘contains real fruit juice’, as these tend to be indicators that what is being purchased isn’t juice at all.

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