Record of Colorado Marijuana Supply Companies – What Is Authorized And What Is Not?


The supply of marijuana is legal in Colorado. It depends on where you are and what type of marijuana you are buying. Here’s what you should know about legal delivery services in Colorado and what could change in the near future. Medical marijuana will be delivered from November 1, 2020 only legal in the Boulder and Longmont areas. Make sure, however, that your delivery service is licensed! For a list of approved pharmacies certified to deliver, see the bottom of the article. Delivery certifications are only issued to pharmacies.

According to the Longmont Times Call, the city council recently approved that medical marijuana dispensaries in Boulder County with a government issued license can be delivered to medical marijuana patients. It is only allowed to be delivered to their home and not to other areas like bars, work etc. This is medical marijuana only, not recreational The companies must also be certified by the City of Longmont.

When it comes to delivering cannabis in DenverIt is not legal to ship marijuana after 2020. If you go online and see a delivery company selling recreational or medical products in Denver, they are breaking the law.

We spoke to Eric Escudero, communications director, Marketing and Public Relations for the Denver Department of Excise & Licenses and the Office of Marijuana Policy.

Denver is currently considering opting for medical and recreational supplies, according to Escudero.

Escudero says: “We have met over the past few months and are working on recommendations for the mayor and city council to review.”

Denver funded a report to see if there is currently fair access.

“Social justice is a top priority when it comes to cannabis regulation for the city and county of Denver. We want to take a look at what the industry is like now and make sure there is fair access to the industry. That means we look at people who are disproportionately negatively affected by the marijuana ban and what obstacles they are faced with, ”said Escudero.

Escudero also says A decision should be made in November on what Denver will do when it comes to cannabis delivery in 2021, but officials in his department have worked hard on the process to make sure they have good rules and protections for teenagers.

Also, there is now a funding problem. Covid-19 has had a negative impact on funding for cities and states. “A large part of our tax base is restaurants, etc., which have been dramatically impacted. Now the city of Denver is looking for ways to fund a program, ”added Escudero.

Across the state of Colorado, medical marijuana surgeries were allowed to request delivery in 2020 in cities that had adopted the new law. Stores selling recreational marijuana will have to wait until 2021 request delivery only in cities that choose the option.

List of legal deliveries

This list was updated at the time the article was created. Make sure to check that a delivery service is licensed at the time of purchase.


Magnolia Road Delivery – Boulder (medical):

The Dandelion Delivery – Boulder (Medical):

The Dandelion Delivery – North Boulder (medical):

The Dandelion Delivery – Superior / Louisville (Medicine):

Helping Hands Delivery – Boulder (medical):

Keep checking back when we update this list!


Beth Edmonds