Reef CBD Evaluation


Reef CBD Company Reputation

Launched early 2018, Reef CBD is based out of Ontario, California.

While the company is still in its early stages, Reef CBD has developed an impressive collection of products and seems to have quickly adapted to meet the standards of a top-rated CBD company.

In an interview with the company, founders Andrew and Shaun, expressed their strong belief towards doing things right, no matter the cost. This mindset is what led them to make important, quality-focused decisions such as:

Using broad spectrum CBD versus CBD isolate
Sourcing their CBD from organic hemp grown in Colorado versus sourcing it from hemp at a cheaper, lower quality farm
Regularly testing every variation of their products versus testing just their source oil once a year

While these decisions may demand higher costs, they ensure the quality and safety of the end product, which is definitely the right move for a new company like Reef.

Based on the dozens of 5-star reviews Reef has received on its website and Facebook profile from previous customers, it looks like they made the right decision.

Besides their website, Facebook, and Instagram profile, Reef CBD has not established much of a digital presence, which is expected for any new company.

Based on their track record thus far, the future looks promising.


Beth Edmonds