Restricted dwell resin vapes spotlight uncommon, unique strains


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November 25, 2020

While much of the cannabis industry seeks to standardize and scale every aspect of production, artisanal cannabis producers like ROACH Live Resin Vapes have taken an entirely opposite approach.

Offering a highly curated, ever-changing selection, ROACH goes against the grain and welcomes varieties for their unique properties, and offers a truly short-lived experience. These vapes are in a patented pocket-sized device and are like tiny gemstones filled with small-batch living resin.

Art Kushkyan, co-founder of ROACH, wanted to create something that showcased the highest quality cannabis on the market – and help consumers discover strains they couldn’t find anywhere else.

“Many cannabis products are designed to have the highest THC potency,” explains Kushkyan. “And that doesn’t do justice to the full flavor cannabis can bring. We rely on varieties that are at the forefront of cultivation technology, with exquisite taste and aroma. “

ROACH Limited Edition Live Resin Vapes(Courtesy of ROACH)

ROACH vapes contain carefully selected strain-specific extracts such as Strawberry Fields, Pineapple Sherbert and Blueberry Muffins – to name a few – these limited edition disposable vapes are numbered like a fine wine or an art print.

It’s Kushkyan’s keen sense of quality that makes the vapes unique. When curating strains for future releases, he seeks passionate producers as well as unique genetics.

“If you talk to experienced farmers, you will notice a lot of passion in their conversations and they will describe a particular strain that they grow with a certain glow in their eyes,” he says. “This way you know that the product has also grown with passion and is usually visible in the first few minutes after contact.”

The first step is to find new, rare, and exotic strains to display – the types of strains that consumers want but cannot pick up at every pharmacy on the block. Kushkyan sounds appropriately like a sommelier describing the strains he seeks. His top criteria? He appreciates varieties that are “really exquisite in taste and in the entire body”.

The next step is to create live extracts that do justice to the product. ROACH uses freshly frozen cannabis and hydrocarbon extraction to preserve the full flavor and scent of the flower. They only make one batch of each concentrate – and typically fewer than 3,000 of each strain are available.

While ROACH is keeping their upcoming releases close to the vest, ROACH co-founder Mark Hoashi says their upcoming Orange Creamsicle is a favorite so far.

“There’s something about this plant that just has that unique orange-citrus flavor that just sticks on the tongue,” says Hoashi. “We’re really excited about that.”

A pocket-sized vape that delivers a punch

ROACH Limited Edition Live Resin Vapes(Courtesy of ROACH)

It took the ROACH team two years to create a vaping experience that even the die-hard flower lover will love, and the vaping itself is much more portable than a pipe or even a standard steamer. At just 29 millimeters in size, it is less than half the size of a standard lighter and holds around a third of a gram.

But don’t let the size fool you – it will tear apart. Expect some satisfactorily sized clouds to match the bold flavors. “It’s more like a swab,” says Hoashi, “and it hits the dome like a swab.”

These teeny tiny vapes take advantage of the latest and greatest in technology, but signal a return to cannabis’ earthy roots.

Each batch is limited by nature. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Fortunately, each ROACH run consists of around three to seven varieties, and new releases are announced on Instagram so there is always a new favorite to discover.

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