SLX Grinder Overview


The SLX grinder is a premium grinder. It looks great, it feels great and it just does a great job grinding your herb. But of course there is also a premium price. If your days of using scissors and a pork chop bowl are long behind you and you've gone through some metal hand crank grinders beforehand, the SLX is a logical next step if you want to make a little more money. So let's take a look at the SLX grinder and discuss all the pros and cons.

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Non-stick coating

What really distinguishes this grinder from the others is its non-stick coating. This makes scraping out your kief very easy and also means that more kief actually gets into the last chamber. In essence, the SLX grinder means that you need less waste and cleaning. They also removed two of the chamber threads, which means that no kief can get caught either. Usually, not much can get stuck there, but still.

Redesigned chambers

As mentioned above, the chambers have been redesigned so that only one thread needs to be unscrewed while maintaining the typical three-chamber design. The top is magnetized, which I think is very practical. And the kief chamber is actually part of the ground herb chamber. Inside is a screen so you can easily lift the screen to access your kief instead of unscrewing it. This is also very convenient, but I've found that building a decent kief collection is more difficult if you keep getting it upset.

The outside of the grinder also has small notches and lines that are incorporated, making gripping incredibly easy. Of course, a normal grinder is not difficult to grasp, but it just feels a little better in your hand.

Sharp tooth design

As you would expect from a premium grinder, the teeth are nice and sharp. They are made of aerospace quality aluminum, which sounds very cool. However, it is worth noting that it is used for many things outside of aerospace. In any case, the quality of this grinder is first class. The ratio of teeth to holes is good overall, so you can control your cut to the desired consistency.

Our review of the Davinci IQ 2

This SLX grinding test would not be complete without mentioning the key dental problem that you have resolved. Usually the large central tooth is part of the top section of the mill, which means your herb can be squeezed under it and it is difficult to fish out. This grinder has this tooth portion of the second section so that anything stuck can be easily removed. Not a big deal, but it was always a minor problem that I had with most grinders.

SLX Grinder 2.0 vs 2.5

So this test is about version 2.0, not the latest version 2.5. However, both grinders are very similar in appearance, feel and functionality. You can easily see the difference, since version 2.5 has a version 2.5 on top of the grinder. However, version 2.5 of the SLX grinder offers some improvements and new functions.

There are two different sizes – 2.0 "(like v2.0) and 2.4" (new larger size) stronger magnets to prevent spillage (I've never found spillage to be a problem with v2.0 , but usually not leaving my house) softer grinding with improved tooth design

SLX Grinder Last thoughts

The SLX grinder is difficult to criticize, and this is reflected in the price. However, if you are looking for a bit more for a premium grinder, you cannot overcome it. You get a really sturdy, well-built and easy-to-use grinder that doesn't need to be cleaned and reduces waste.


Beth Edmonds