Stepping Down from Scientific Duties


Since the start of the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program, I have approved many patients for medical marijuana cards in Pennsylvania. The results seen in my patients have been astounding. Most of these patients have been treated for chronic pain but many have also been treated for PTSD, cancer, seizures, HIV, autism, dementia and the remaining conditions approved in PA for cannabis.

In order to pursue cannabis research and educate other physicians on what I have learned from my experience, I am going to take a sabbatical from my clinical practice.  The results have been so great at the clinic that it makes sense to teach the world’s doctors how to do what I have done.

The great news is that we do have other doctors who can certify patients at Nature’s Way Medicine and our renewals can see these clinicians. Still, the demand for new patients at the clinic is even greater and we are also looking for other physicians to join the clinic for part-time work to help approve these patients.  This is a great chance for new doctors interested in learning about clinical cannabis to gain experience in this field.

Please make every effort to call our office so that we may make the transition for your care by our other physicians.  Of course, I would be delighted to speak with you further about any questions you may have concerning this transition.




Dr. Matthew Roman, MD


Beth Edmonds