Store small with these 12 Etsy items for stoners

For us, Etsy isn’t just a way to shop small. It’s also a way to find the knickknacks and tchotchkes you won’t find anywhere else.

If you have a one-of-a-kind stoner in your life, check out these 12 awesome Etsy gifts (all under $ 50) that read, “I enjoy the fact that you’re always going to be popular.”

Join social media maven Hannah Staton and culture editor Janessa Bailey as they guide you through their favorites.

Cherry paper

(Courtesy AShopOfThings on Etsy)

The feeling of a joint in the hand is one of the most decadent little joys in life. There’s just something forever cool about the classic joint, and the ritual of hand rolling is a daily ritual for most stoners. Break the monotony of the usual unbleached brown papers with these flavored, vintage-inspired roll papers.

Handmade chillum

(Courtesy AnhimalCeramics on Etsy)

Chillums = the original vape pen? Discreet and perfect for comfortable hits on the go, I think the Chillum is an analog vape – and this one is downright sweet as hell. This adorable piece of ceramic is the length of a lighter and is the perfect pocket companion.


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Gold Leaf Obama Court

(Courtesy ToBeBlunt on Etsy)

“Dweeby papa and cheesy husband” Barack Obama is always hilarious, and this gold leaf dish is sure to set the tone for a laid-back sesh. Don’t forget that it’s not next to a 420 sign.

You can say “Hey Michelle, take my picture!” The holiday mood rolls off this dish as you roll up your favorite thanks.

DND cubes

(Courtesy AwesomeDice on Etsy)

For the dopest dungeon master in your life. Hannah lost a bet once and had to play Dungeons and Dragons. Although she refused to sit at a table for six hours pretending to be an elven warrior with other adults, her life changed.

DND is a lot of fun. Get up and pretend to be an elf every now and then. It’s good for you!

Cannabis tasting journal

(Courtesy of the Chronnoisseur)(Courtesy of the Chronnoisseur)

Real cannasseurs know the importance of recording their heights and stones. Exercise your taste buds with this beautiful diary that will help you keep track of exactly which strains you somehow feel about (and which ones won’t be worth the money next time).

If Hannah owned this diary, she wrote in capital letters on the front page: “NO SMOKING SUNDAE DRIVER ALLOWED” and “SUNDAE DRIVER: STAY”.


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Sour Diesel T-Shirt

(Courtesy StickyGoods on Etsy)

Sour Diesel really is THAT STRAIN. Wear this T and expect connoisseurs to complement your excellent taste. Janessa doesn’t think that this should be combined with a real trucker hat, as nobody but truckers should wear it anymore.

Cannabis illustration

(Courtesy Gldleaf on Etsy)

This is one of Gldleaf’s many beautiful botanical prints, including an Ikebana series collaboration with Broccoli Magazine, and all are excellent options for showing your love for cannabis without seeing the dorm poster.

Personalized cannabis embroidery

(Courtesy SydsStitch on Etsy)

Custom gifts are so thoughtful, and this personalized cannabis embroidery is no different. The owner of this Etsy shop will let you tell you exactly what type of stitch you would like to embroider and will adjust the thread colors to achieve this. Orange trichomes? I have it. Purple Nugs of Glory? Done.

DARE common case

(Courtesy FestiProper on Etsy)

As hardcore kids of the 90s, Hannah and Janessa have done more than enough DARE rallies where a sweaty cop donned a dog costume to stop drug use.

Also, Hannah broke her school’s dress code once and wore an XXL DARE shirt all day. This is almost definitely why she’s a hit head now. So she nominates this great joint case that just screams, “Great job, Nancy Reagan!”

Indica and Sativa necklaces

(Courtesy SugarRoseStudio on Etsy)

These gold-dipped necklaces are perfect for the indica villain or sativa sweetheart in your life. If you choose the equal variety lover, you will win great points for stocking up stuffers this year.

Rainbow resin accessories

(Courtesy RiddikulusResin on Etsy)

We could all use a little more glamor and splendor in our lives. Get this matching rainbow storage box and ashtray for yourself or your best friend who always has a wink and an already-lit joint. The colors keep everyone away from the dumps as we battle a bleak winter and keep rolling loud.

Cannabis pashmina

(Courtesy Cyberoptix on Etsy)

Don’t argue. Nothing is more elegant or cozy than a pashmina scarf. Keep your neck warm and your stoner pride with this stylish scarf covered in cannabis. Give one to a nurse, medical marijuana patient, or someone who loves to token and smoke.

Janessa gets one for herself to be warm and bougie.

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Janessa Bailey and Hannah Staton

Janessa is Leafly’s culture editor, an everyday smoker and receives a rush of endorphins when receiving packages. Hannah is the head of Leafly’s social media, an everyday smoker and a notoriously stoned power shopper. Both writers love Chloe x Halle and follow the internet.

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