take a weed tolerance break


If you've noticed that all weed consumption burns a hole in your wallet and that's not a good thing, it's probably a good time to take a break from tolerance.

It's a short, hard way, but you'll be much better off if you are patient and take the time to work through it. So here it is, the art of breaking tolerance.

What is a tolerance break?

Do you remember the days when you let yourself be drooled high by drooling? Back when you started smoking cannabis regularly, They had a very low toleranceand your small supply of weeds probably took you a lot longer. You've probably noticed that you have to smoke a lot more weed much more often these days just to get the feeling you had when you started getting up regularly.

A tolerance break is exactly what it sounds like: a break from cannabis use to lower your tolerance.

Over time, your body can build up tolerance to THC. It also builds up tolerance to other cannabinoids, including CBD. So if you don't feel the product the way you used to, A tolerance break could be worth trying. You have probably noticed that smoking is not the same as the first time because you need more and more grass to feel tall.

Take a break from tolerance will hopefully allow your body to get more from smaller amounts of weeds, which will save you a lot of money and help you feel the product the way you used to.

Marijuana is not as dependent as many other types of substances. However, substances affect everyone differently. This means that while you like to smoke weed, you should still be able to take a break and not crave it like a nicotine smoker or an alcoholic needs his whiskey. However, you may be psychologically dependent on cannabis, which means that it can be difficult to follow this path.

How to take a tolerance break (step by step)

Taking a break from tolerance is your conscious decision and you can choose how and how long you do this. Most smokers stop using cannabis for a few days and then start again. Others stop smoking and completely remove traces of cannabinoids by doing a THC cleanse.

Both methods do the job effectively. However, since this can be psychologically difficult for you, be careful how you feel before deciding how thorough you want to be.

Step 1: Set a target date range for your tolerance break

A tolerance break should last an average of 3-7 days. On average, THC has the highest concentration in your body 72 hours after smoking. After this time, it begins to detach from the body and flush. Typically, a 30-day cleanse will take you back to when you were first high.

The short way is to take a three-day break from cannabisHowever, if you want more efficient cleansing, you can detoxify your body at any time. If you can't smoke for three days, take longer breaks between smoking times. For example, if you smoke in the morning and in the afternoon, try smoking only in the afternoon for a few days.

Remember that each person's body runs a little differently. If you're smaller and leaner, and things go through you faster (yes, I mean pee), you're most likely at the shorter end of the time spectrum. The time difference mainly depends on your individual habits, including your height and weight, your eating and sleeping habits, your physical activity and much more.

Step 2: Get rid of the temptations

The best way to do this is to finish what you have before you start the tolerance break so you are not tempted to smoke during your break. It helps to clean all of your smoking devices and keep them out of sight to further separate yourself from temptation. A little cleaning goes a long way. Open your windows and ventilate the room. You don't want to smell weeds all the time when trying to quit smoking.

Step 3: Keep yourself busy during the tolerance break

You can spend your free time hiking or cycling to sweat out the last traces. During this time, you should try to eat very healthy foods. Drink plenty of waterand exercise as these three things will help you get the rest of your body out. You can walk longer by rinsing and taking a break without having to take another tolerance break in a few weeks.

Aside from that, just eat a few small healthy meals and exercise to fight insomnia. Be productive and keep busy with your hobbies or find a new TV show where you can let off steam.

Step 4: Stay strong until the end of the tolerance break

When you take your tolerance break, you have to stick with the mindset that you will achieve your goal and get the reward. For those who drop out early during their tolerance break, it may have helped somewhat, but is not comparable to a duration of 7 to 30 days.

The effects of a tolerance break

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Like everything you usually do to yourself A break in tolerance can affect the body and mind.

You will be very moodyespecially if you smoke heavily. Heavy smokers actually get so used to smoking so much cannabis that they feel psychologically that they have withdrawal symptoms, such as decreased appetite and an inability to feel good.

Most people who take a break from tolerance Have trouble falling or falling asleep during the time they spend on the break. Loss of appetite is also a very common problem during a tolerance break, as many people smoke cannabis to stimulate their appetite. Use this time to focus on healthier things if you ever get an appetite!

The positive thing is that Your wallet will thank you.

You will save a lot of money by taking a short tolerance break because if you smoke again You don't have to smoke that much grass to get upThis means that you don't even have to buy as much as you currently have. It will also make you really appreciate reuniting with cannabis when everything is said and done.

In my experience, the first time after a long break felt so great about consuming cannabis because you can enjoy all the effects without tolerance. You will also simply feel really good and at the top of the world because you have a lot of self-control and were able to survive the tolerance break!


Beth Edmonds